Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Jon Huntsman As A Symptom .

Jon Huntsman, a current US Ambassador to Russia still didn't get the message that it is good to learn the history of the country in which you are given the post and that degree in "International Relations" and being an Eagle Scout at a tender age in school are not exactly the set of skills when one talks about war. Yet, as it is the case with the so called US "diplomacy", Huntsman never gained even rudimentary awareness of the country he is currently in and decided to generally forego the craft of diplomacy.
The US ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, says there is little need for his craft as “200,000 tons of diplomacy” are prowling the waters of the Mediterranean, unabashedly endorsing military show-offs as a political tool.“Each of the carriers operating in the Mediterranean at this time represent 100,000 tons of international diplomacy,” Huntsman said in a statement to the US Navy’s 6th Fleet.
I agree with Huntsman in one sense, two CBGs in Mediterranean is a fine tradition of US Navy's 6th Fleet which operates in Med for decades now but somebody has to tell esteemed Ambassador that Power Projection tools such as CBGs are good only for providing "100, 000 tons of diplomacy" for third world shitholes which have no operational air defense, navies or air forces. Once CBGs encounter a competent military force 100, 000 tons become a liability for both carrier and its air-wing. But, of course, Huntsman doesn't know this. Turkey, however does. And this is precisely the reason it contemplates finalization of her contract for S-400. 

Of course, we cannot see all hidden from public eye back-and-forth between the US and Turkey on this issue, but there is very little doubt that a lot of hand-twisting by US is going on behind the curtain. So, delivery of S-400s to Turkey is by no means a done deal and Turkey may yet fold. But  who, indeed, US needs those hundreds thousands tons of "diplomacy" against? You guessed it right. 
Judging by the degree with which Trump stuffed his admin with war-mongering psychopaths and the way he himself turned out to be leaning away from his Presbyterian roots towards Christian Zionism and towards Rupture psychobabble, one has to seriously start questioning rationality of US political, so called, "elite". Add complete military incompetence in the mix and you get, as Ambassador Huntsman so manifestly exhibits, a collection of lunatics and fanatics who may, indeed, think that they are working for the End Times moment. Well, I am cautiously avoiding speaking of Huntsman's system of beliefs. While at it, somebody has to explain Mr. Ambassador that the country of his current station has one gigantic and unsinkable, unlike it is the case with US Navy's 6th Fleet CBGs, aircraft carrier--it is called Crimean Peninsula and it allows to control the whole Black Sea and East Mediterranean Area. 
War-mongering rhetoric from the US only grows in intensity and those are unmistakable signs of a desperation of an Empire to, quoting Russia's metal stalwarts Aria, "break the clock to extend own life". So, we may see soon some demonstrations by Russia of some of the actual capabilities in order to try to shut down the choir of the US war-mongers who still think that they have the power. Can we be nearing a Cuban Missile Crisis moment? I can only say that this is not out of realm of possibilities. As per US "diplomacy", as I continue to state it for years now--it doesn't exist as such for a long time.       

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