Monday, May 14, 2018

So That Is What Called "Christian" In America.

The level of delusion, not to mention of smugness of this "scholar" of international relations and of theology is off the charts. Especially against the background of 55 Palestinians killed and 2,500+ wounded today

Fox News Host: Trump Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy By Moving U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem

These are the "grounds" upon which the whole US foreign policy is built--finding parallels, nay--direct relations to some Biblical kings. And we all know that US Congress, which is in the pockets of and is run by American Israeli Lobby (plus Saudis), labored day and night for more than 30 years to fulfill some Biblical prophesy. It took Donald Trump (and his rather pro-Israeli closest keen) to oblige. I can totally see the future of US foreign policy being built upon consultations with California Psychics (2.99 a minute of "reading") and eventually being totally based on Voodoo practices. 

Yet, one can not close the eyes on the fact of a real massacre of Palestinians while US-Israeli (soon to be completely indistinguishable) luminaries were opening US Jerusalem Embassy. It is also rather fascinating observing the speed with which the news of this atrocity by "valiant" IDF simply disappeared from Yahoo News page featured news of the day--I think killing of scores of people and then wounding them in thousands is a big fvcking news--it is a war crime. Yet, those news literally--evaporated after trending for an hour, two? 

Things are getting hot in the ME, they will get even hotter that is until Israel lobby will not run the US completely into ground (it almost succeeded now) or real Armageddon will happen and, unlike this bimbo "judge" from FOX, I know one really serious fact--the physical impact of the, say, 600 kiloton warhead on the vicinity of some important object is such, that this object and its vicinity have no use whatsoever for a long period of time--they cease to exist. But as long as the "prophesy" is fulfilled, right? Don't listen to me, though, here is an opinion of an excellent military professional, Arabist and specialist in the area. 
So, Pirro, who is a practicing Catholic, sure as hell has a peculiar sense of justice (lawyer, of course she is) and interpretation of Bible where, if my Alzheimer doesn't fail me, not a word is written about US Embassy's move to Jerusalem as being some fulfillment of some "prophesy", but then again, what do you expect from some TV bimbo who would feel herself in her proper place inside American so called Christian Zionist cabal--main, so called Christian, enablers of neocon agenda in the US. After all, we all know Jesus was an American. 

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