Thursday, May 3, 2018

About 22800.

Thanks to the efforts of wonderful professionals and naval enthusiasts from Airbase, behold, as was promised, the third Project 22800 Small Missile Ship Shkval (Squall) with navalized Pantsir. The ship should "hit" the water after tomorrow, May 5. 


These small (800 tons of standard displacement) ships which also are classified sometimes as corvettes pack an enormous long-range punch, now they also have a system to fight back those who may decide to strike back. This occasion also marks the official entrance of Pantsir into the service with Russian Navy. The occasion is more important than it may seem. Navalization of what became arguably the best gun-missile short range (20 kilometers) air defense complex in the world means that this system will be installed on remaining 15 ships of this class, plus it will see service elsewhere on larger ships. One would be safe to assume that similar ships, granted with downgraded export versions of 3M54 and P-800 Onyx (Yakhont) will have, if not already, an immense export potential.  Admirals Teophile Aube and Popov would have been happy. Mahan? Well... that is a separate discussion.  

UPDATE: and she is afloat. What a little elegant beast. 


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