Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Message Was Delivered And It Was Received.

For many people who are too excitable, excusable though it is in our crazy times, they wanted the US power "elite" running out scared shouting "we surrender" after Vladimir Putin's March 1st revelations of Russia's major advancements in cutting edge weaponry. Add here now a stunning, even against well understood guarantee, Vladimir Putin's victory in presidential elections and a mandate given to him by overwhelming majority of Russian people. But things do not work in the way people (many of them) want them to work. 

Yes, after Russia revealed her, some rather stunning, weapons some US Senators definitely decided not to taunt the fate and, while repeating same ol' lies and accusations,  at least try to imagine that they have something of value to say. Obviously, this attempt was full hardy but at least it was something. Now, people who really matter in this case began to speak:

Trump says he will meet Putin to discuss ‘arms race that is getting out of control’ 

And this was precisely Putin's message on March 1st. It was not about Russia attacking the US--who in their own mind would come up with this insanity in a Russian culture which knows and abhors a war. Nor is Russia interested of "conquering" Europe, let alone Eastern European limitrophes--who needs freeloaders? Russia wants to talk and she wants to talk about many things with the United States which has now some heavy lifting to do on its part if it wants to remain relevant and influential in the next several decades. I will not lie, it is with a degree of bitterness that I am resigning myself to the reality of Russian-Chinese emerging union, since I know and love so much in real American culture (and cuisine--how can one live without chicken fried steak is beyond me) and as I stated not for once--historically the US and Russia are natural allies. But why it was not meant to be, once my books comes out--buy it, it may help to understand why.

But, as I stressed more than a year ago--the United States had very little to offer Russia. It has even less to offer to Russia today, but what the United States can offer which is a real tangible is agreement in principle that the discussion on new global security configuration should start immediately. It has to be understood, that this new configuration does not see anyone as having a right to act unilaterally on any serious geopolitical contingency. Is UN platform good for this? I doubt it, but it is just me and I could be wrong. As per arms race--I have to back Putin up, there will be no arms race. Russia will continue to maintain a decisive edge in a number of military technologies but Russia will not use them against anyone. If somebody decides to attack Russia then, well... Call it, if you wish, a guarantee against some unbalanced people who may come to power in some well-armed nations. So, it is good that Putin and Trump will meet and start talking. Long overdue. But a lot will also depend on how this sheer insanity of Russiagate and those who perpetrated it will be removed from power. 

Meanwhile in what can only be used to illustrate a famous principle that karma is a bitch, a butcher of Libya is facing some serious questioning. Actually, Libya is one of those cases where US' hand was forced by her allies of France and UK, who ran out of SMART munitions pretty fast in their pursuit of desirable macho status. Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" man, I have to say. 

Meanwhile, not only Russian combat lasers are now operational, but if not having enough grasp of a terrified world, Russians developed even more terrifying laser weapons. Totally inhumane and evil.


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