Thursday, March 1, 2018

Russia, Just Do It.

Behind the noise of world's politics and news of unfolding geopolitical realignment one event went almost unnoticed--a de facto death sentence to South Afrikaners farmers. The fig leaf of South African "reconciliation" and struggle with the issues left after Apartheid is no more. South Africa slowly descends to where it is supposed to descend--a chaos of tribal warfare, fourth world economic and political status and inevitable white genocide. It is already a Zimbabwe 2.0. And here is the problem. 

While blind and hypocritical West was hailing their thoroughly fake idol of Nelson Mandela, the Republic of South Africa was slowly being consumed by unprecedented black racism and non-stop assault on white Afrikaners. Rape, murder, robbery, barbed wire electrified fences around white South African communities--these are defining characteristics of modern South Africa. In general--it has NO FUTURE. The expropriation of land from white farmers will be their death knell, literally. Like in Zimbabwe, they will be raped, murdered, pillaged and whatever else comes with Zimbabwean, now South African "justice".  The so called West, which still believes in own lies about South African "democracy" and benevolence of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and of ANC WILL NOT accept white Afrikaners when real white exodus starts, nor will the United States do so--the combined West prefers today anybody but white, predominantly Christian people. The fate of Afrikaners is in question today and those people need desperately safe haven to start their lives over. Modern West is not it. 

But Russia does have an enormous experience of accepting and assimilating people of European descent, while preserving their culture of origin. I think Russian government must take a look at this problem--everybody understands today that in BRICS loose geopolitical block B and S (South Africa) are not viable contributors reducing BRICS to RIC. South Africa is now firmly in the grips of self-destructing policies and ideology and it is over for this, once prosperous, land. We can not allow this, we simply can not:

But that is scenario which will be replayed over and over again in immigration and asylum courts in the so called "free" West, which is long ago not free and suffers from its own version of Zimbabwean syndrome. Will Russia recognize the plight of white South Africans? The exodus is coming, in fact--it is inevitable now. It may seem as an errand thought on my part, once the issue of many Russian and Russo-phone people in Ukraine and former republics of the Soviet Union is considered. They are, of course, a priority. But mechanism for return of Russians is already more-or-less in place and is working, granted not always as desired. In the end, in the worst case scenario of some genocide of Russians in former republics, now independent states, of the USSR there are always some serious levers from diplomatic to purely military to not allow repetition of Chechnya of 1991-1994. But no one is coming to defend white South Africans, in fact, they were consistently betrayed. Will Russia play the ball? I think she should, in fact--must. Here are some images from Pretoria and Johannesburg--they speak louder than words. 

And Jo-burg. 

It is over for South Africa.

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