Wednesday, February 21, 2018


No, no, not self-destruction of Adam Schiff--the man has no honor nor any other redeeming human qualifies and is basically a low life. There is nothing human left in him to destruct. To come up with this: that Russians "love" 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution because Russians would love nothing better than Americans killing each-other--this has no name. 

This is America's self-destruction. It is a complete moral and psychiatric implosion unparalleled in US history. It is a complete certifiable madness. This madness originates with Obama Administration, HRC, Democratic Party and RINOs, together with rogue elements in the so called Intelligence Community and US mainstream mass media. This cabal of hysterical psychopaths will throw under the bus everything else what is left good in America and will risk a war if needed, just to cover up what they were up to trying to remove President Trump as lawfully elected POTUS. Russia is a perfect, in their mind, enemy which is supposed to "unify" the nation. Anything goes as long as this smoke-screen obscures the real deal of State Treason which is being still perpetrated in a fight for America's future, any future. 

If they "win", the United Sates will be eventually turned into completely totalitarian state (it is happening already) with brainwashed population and further descent into the third world hell-hole status. Obviously, Russia will be blamed for that. Eventually 9-11 will be blamed on Russia, the same as Challenger disaster and this time is very near. 

As I predicted:

I am beginning to suspect that these morons are ready for a Hot War and it is not surprising--all their life they served only their own interests and looked down at deplorables as mere obstacle on their way to absolute power. Add here that most of them never served a day in uniform and have no grasp of what violence, let alone warfare, can bring in the face of many of them qualifying perfectly for judicial proceeding which will result in prison sentences--they will be ready for anything. Waiting for Nunes' new Memo, I only hope that he is well protected--I know he is not alone among true American patriots.  

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