Friday, February 2, 2018

OK, It Is Out!

As was expected: DNC ordered and paid for Steele's Trump "Dossier" which is a combination of obvious BS, hearsay and made up "facts". Steele was a desperate anti-Trump nutjob. But none of it mattered to DOJ which issued, time after time those FISA "permits" thus allowing to spy on Trump's campaign. All this legal atrocity was done with the blessing of not only DNC and Clinton's campaign but, as we may have guessed, of... Mr. Obama? In simpler terms it looks like that: 

1. Let's create BS about Trump;
2. Let use this BS as legal grounds to allow spying on him and his campaign;
3. Let's blame Russians for all that. 

Well, if someone is not going to jail for purely legal reasons, I don't know, then something is really wrong with America, and I mean really-really wrong, because in simpler terms, after the year of sabotage, media hysteria and lies, the only term which describes all that is a National Treason on part of Democratic Party. People behind this insanity are traitors to both US Constitution and to Americans. I am sure in coming days we will be hearing and seeing more and more "outings" of slime-bags from many agencies.  Clinton Clan is a criminal organization. So much is clear at this moment. It is bigger than Watergate--much, much bigger since the implications are geopolitical in scale, not just internal. Get the popcorn...    

UPDATE 02/03/2018:  

As Foxnews just reported, the NEXT Nunes memo will be on State Department. Is it getting warmer, folks? It is. This is just the start.  

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