Friday, February 16, 2018

On Florida Atrocity, A Thought.

Remember Allen Armentrout? Remember this kid with Confederate Flag and uniform? 

I may not condone what Confederacy stood for but here is the kid who already, in his young age, is a Man, a real man and he doesn't even look like what became an image of a "man" in modern day America. The kid is overweight, doesn't wear cool gadgets, doesn't wear a douche-bag beard or narrow sunglasses, but I would go with this kid into battle anytime. He took upon himself to make not an easy choice of facing a crowd of deranged SJW imbeciles and stood his ground. That is what defines a real man. Not some physical features, not how cool one looks or how much money one makes, or how many sluts he nailed down--but only by what decisions and responsibilities a man takes. 

I saw in my life the most unremarkable, run-of-the-mill guys, who wouldn't pass for "anybody" in modern American culture, doing things and exhibiting fortitude and heroism as if it was a normal thing. That is what makes a man. A famous Russian meme was circulating for a while around the net.

It Seems We Started To Forget How The Real Man Should Look Like
You may ask what this has anything to do with the atrocity against school kids in Florida two days ago? It has everything to do with it. I am heartbroken for kids, I cannot even conceive what agony their parents are going through--the worst nightmare of any parent, to lose a child. Yet, it doesn't matter how heartbroken I am, there is  also no denial that mass-executions of school children in US, starting from a nightmare in Columbine HS, are becoming now almost a routine. A terrifying routine. Obviously the United States is not alone in this horrifying statistics, but it is namely in the US where those massacres have become an expected occurrence and they are massive. And here is what I think about it. No, this is not the issue of a gun control--it is the issue of an American culture which was feminized to a dangerous degree. 

Ask yourself a question, what is this--a planned execution of the unarmed innocent kids? Is there a term which applies to this insanity OTHER than traditional mental illness of perpetrators, most of whom, somehow always seem to be very rational in planning and carrying out their evil deeds? Hardly a sign of mental illness. The answer to that which I have is very simple--they throw a tantrum. They snap and then in one form or another carry out their (always "justified") rage against innocent. The reason for that being that meaning of what it is to be a real man has been completely removed from the American culture by ultra-liberal feminazi establishment which fights any manifestation of a real manhood, since sees it as a threat to itself. In some sense, many (not all) American males' infatuation with "military porn", American football and, to a degree, weapons is often an obverse side of an almost total emasculation of, at least, American urban so called male population. Real men do not kill innocent.

Football, most of them dumb-asses, players are viewed as a visual representations of gladiators of the 21st century, military porn and action flicks most of which today wouldn't pass even the lowest of the lowest standards for realism and any rudimentary story logic, the same as masturbatory attitudes by many towards weapons--all of this is an obverse side of emasculation which reigns supreme in a large swaths of an American male universe. Truth, however, is very simple: real men do not have "anger issues", real men control their emotions, real men treat women (not some deranged cunts) with respect and never allow violence, and real men, most importantly know how to face and live with the consequences of their actions. They do not become Metrosexuals. It is this foundation  on which people such as Major Filipov or Allen Armentrout grow. It is precisely this foundation which increasingly being substituted in the US with feminazi notion that throwing a tantrum, being everything about me-me-me and me being the center of the universe, is the only normal way to handle anything which one doesn't like. It is a radically anti real man notion. Come to think about it--it is not even real woman notion. Exhibitionism--a driving force behind radical (I stress--radical) feminism is also in the foundation of those young murderers' insatiable desire to become famous, to surpass each-other in the number of innocent executed victims. This is a radical anti-man notion. Real men do things for a duty and honor, not for the part in a commercial. That is why often true heroes go unnamed or unnoticed. Throw in an overall virtual and real violence of an American culture--and you get the portrait of an average American school mass-murderer: an emasculated pathetic loser ready to throw a tantrum because most of them do not have any concept of what it means to be a real man, or, in a larger sense a real human. Current American culture almost completely denies this option for youngsters. That is what new generation is being drown into:

But that is just one my thought, a very subjective one, on this whole tragedy. Guns, of course, will always be blamed and a lot of fake concerns and tears will be paraded around by the American media clowns, who, of course, always know everything and contributed mightily to this degenerating culture of emasculation, self-entitlement and self-obsession. Real men need not apply.

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