Thursday, December 7, 2017

Top Gun? OK.

Remember this? Famous MiG-28 "Scene", LOL.

OK, here is the deal with SU-30 SM in Syria. I want to say immediately, however, if I would have been regiment's CO I would go bananas and would smack the pilot of SU-30 SM (and a bunch of the dudes in Il-76) with NSS (Non-adequacy to Service Status--Nesootvetstvie Sluzhebnomu Sostoyaniyu) and would ground him for a while for reckless endangerment and violation of about 3 billion protocols and manuals. Then, after the proceedings, in private, I would pat him on the back and say that he is one crazy SOB and that he has to control his instincts. But here it is--"inspection" of the cargo bay of Il-76 for a complete delivery of a load. Enjoy. That is a RUAF version of Crazy Ivan, or maybe of... "MiG-28 moment", LOL.



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