Sunday, December 24, 2017

Freedom To Binomo... or Polynomo, or Quadratic Equationo....

I said recently, US elites are stupid (not all of them, but most). If the issue with Maxine Waters and the fate of Limpopo was not enough in demonstrating the depth of imbecility of American legislators and government officials, Russian famous pranksters Vovan and Lexus "delivered" yet another sequel to Mike Judge's seminal Idiocracy. This time US United nations ambassador Nikki Haley demonstrated her profound rejection of the processes taking place in the the country of Binomo, or Polynomo or whatever. It would have been funny but it is not funny anymore, we literally have delusional imbeciles running American foreign policy. 

I heard there are some very bad things brewing in the democratic kingdom of Asymptoto.  

Update for December 27, 2017.

It seems that even former President Reagan's officials are beginning to feel the pinch of Nikki Haley's "foreign policy". As Doug Bandow wonders in TAC:
Especially nice would be a bit more humility and self-awareness by Washington’s representatives.
I have some unpleasant news for Mr. Bandow--self-awareness is not a strong trait of Washington, never was. And that is the problem. Nikki Haley is NOT an exception from the rule--she IS the embodiment of the rule.

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