Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Don't Know How To Live Anymore, LOL!!

About a year ago I had a spirited discussion with some liberal urbanites who were trying to convince me that their deity, also known in this sinful world as fraudster Elon Musk, was about to unleash on the world a new, super-pooper, affordable and long-range capable Tesla which, in their mind, will immediately change the world for the better. He "unleashed" it alright. Now he ununleashes it back, leaving us with only one "affordable" vehicle, that is $75,000 base price for 7D whatever model. 

Do I have an acute case of schadenfreude? You bet I do. Each time I observe all those tech gurus (most of them are professional suckers of government's financial teat) such as late (another deity) Steve Jobs or, already mentioned by me Musk, who continue to BS the world of mostly baby boomers and students of liberal arts colleges in coastal cities into paying for all kind of shiny crap, I always ask the question--do you really need all this, supposedly hi-tech, junk? It is a not very easy question to answer for those who never worked productively a day in their life and who treasure style over substance 90% of the time.  But here is one thing which I want to share: fast receding American civil liberties, which for some time were the envy of the world, were based on two quintessential American things: good highways and a car, which could take one, say, from Seattle to L.A. or from Phoenix to Houston, if one wished, with no problem at all. In the end, I myself took very long drives, well in excess of 1,000 miles, not for once. It was always an adventure.  Now, for any normal person the very notion that you can get in the car and just go is this very notion which is in the foundation of one of those liberties. Try to get from Seattle to Phoenix in one full day, as I did several times (being exhausted, of course by the end) on any Tesla model--good luck with that. 

Remember this?

During an interview with Danish media, Elon Musk revealed that he estimates Tesla will be able to offer a model with a 600-plus-mile electric range by 2017. Tesla’s CEO was attending the opening of Tesla’s first factory in Europe when he disclosed that, within a year or two, the EV automaker should have the right battery and powertrain technology to equip models for 1,000 kilometers or 620 miles per charge. Now before you call it “game over” for the internal combustion engine, it’s worth noting that Musk’s 600-plus range claim was based on the fact that a Tesla Model S P85D just managed to travel 452 miles on a single charge by hovering at 24.2 miles per hour for its entire journey. Real-world range will be substantially less, but the point is this: range anxiety will slowly be less of an issue for electric vehicle consumers and prospects.
So, you know now how fraud sounds. In America where civil liberties, once being a given, are being infringed upon every day, who wants to join some company which has a very good track record of exaggeration and, well, under-performing and lose yet another essential American liberty--to drive as far as one wants when one wants. Yes, yes, I am readying myself for the flight to Mars on Musk's reusable rocket, you know the one he promised will cut costs 50%... oops, it never did actually, not even close. As for rich progressive snobs--let them spend their money any way they want, as long as they don't try to convince me that a piece of crap is a viable alternative. 

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