Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Excellent Piece By Publius On NFL!

I think there are some symbols in this world which must be preserved and respected. And while, realistically, no American veteran ever died for American freedoms or "democracy"--it is the matter of actual history--there is no denial of a despicable attitude of those dumb spoiled NFL black millionaires who decided to "confront" the flag and the anthem of the very nation which made them into over-payed,  over-hyped, spoiled brats living in the lap of luxury just because they can throw a ball. Pathetic. Publius Tacitus posted an excellent piece at Colonel Lang's blog and I reproduce parts of it here, it is worth reading it, so here is the link. 

Here is the excerpt:

The chattering class of the Washington, New York and Hollywood elite are beside themselves over Trump outrageous denunciation. They are savaging him and are in the throes of the delusion that most of America agrees with them. But that is not the case. The NFL is in trouble. Let me give you some of the warning indicators:
  • Ratings for Sunday Night Football are down significantly. Last night saw a 10% decline compared to the previous week.
  • Two of my buddies in Tampa, Florida (one of them retired military) returned their season tickets today and will not renew for next year.
  • Another friend called up DirectTV and canceled his NFL Season Pass. The kid handling the cancellation for DirectTV told my friend that he was the 150th call terminating the NFL subscription that day.
  • The formerly San Diego Charger, now in Los Angeles, cannot even fill the tiny 35,000 seat stadium that currently houses them (note, the average NFL stadium will hold at least 75,000 fans).
  • YouTube is being flooded with clips of former fans burning their NFL jerseys and hats.

I agree, this has become a circus.

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