Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pavlov's Dog.

I remember early 1977 and us staying in the front of turntable in some flat in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky listening to Pavlov's Dog album Pampered Menial and being floored by David Surcamp's amazing voice and band's stunning musicianship. We thought it was a British band. Of course, David was rated as the #3 vocalist behind Ian Gillan and (IIRC) David Coverdale then. Boy, we were wrong--an American band from St.Lois, Missouri, created a Gothic music of unimaginable beauty and depth. This was the progressive rock at its best. 

I have it all, in LP, CD and MP3. We thought (and they were at some moment of time) they were the greatest band in the world. ABC signed them at half-a-million dollar contract--the largest ever in recording history then.  

Each time I hear this I long for those times, when the music was good.... no, it was outstanding, so much so to take it with you to the island and be lost. 

Ah, yes, those melotrons and that crazy At The Sound Of The Bell.

I want to be buried to this. 


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