Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Aww, Isn't That Cute?

Now government of Germany is having a lucid, even if the only one so far, moment. Federal Republic Of Germany finally figured out that Kiev junta maybe is not what it was portrayed before in Germany by this (among many others) very Suddeutsche Zeitung, which now, finally, discovered evil plans of Ukraine's Government. All previous three years  Germany lived in happy self-imposed ignorance of the nature of Kiev's neo-nazi junta, all three years Germany viewed a cabal of criminals and openly murderous nutjobs who run Ukraine as a legitimate subject of international relations and closed its eyes on atrocities which were and are committed in Donbass on the orders from Kiev. What happened that suddenly official Berlin saw through Poroshenko's plans and came to the correct conclusion that it is Kiev which is "deteriorating situation to a great extent in order to stop the US President from easing sanction on Russia"? Let me get this straight: Berlin understands now that Kiev is ready to start a war to not allow President Trump to lift sanctions from Russia? But wasn't it Germany in general, especially through its media which would make Goebbels blush, and Frau Kanzlerin Merkel in particular, who gave legitimacy to this collection of war criminals in Kiev and who went out of their way to impose sanctions on Russia? If my memory serves me right, it was Germany, especially its Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who played a crucial role in escalating Kiev events to what they became today--a geopolitical catastrophe in progress right in the middle of Europe. 

Germany (together with US) was one of the main drivers behind the process of Ukraine's collapse, it was Germany and its imbecile political and media class, who wanted to see Ukraine in the so called Western Fold. Well, guess what, Germany can have it now and that is why such a "sudden" attack of the common geopolitical sense. It is precisely because Germany and, with it, EU can have and will have this explosive, rotten, corrupt and destabilizing for EU (which is not experiencing its best moment as I type it) element. In the end, Germany wanted to assert itself as a great power, using Ukraine, and "assertion" it did. Considering "intellectual" level of Germany's ruling class, Germany failed miserably, as was expected. Now, when real multi-polarity became a reality, especially with Trump's victory and West's sanctions on Russia provided so much needed impetus for Russia's re-industrialization and continued modernization,  one has to ask the question--what Germany and EU are about to face when dealing with their (together with Obama) Ukrainian creation? The answer is very simple: they, not Russia, will have to pay for the mess they created. Let Germany deal with it, let it show a leadership in facing Kiev's neo-nazis whom Berlin so actively supported from the get go, let Germany (and EU) face consequences, including the loss of a very large part of Russia's market. Frau Kanzlerin better start finding some explanation for Germany's business community why it will never again be able to have niches it enjoyed in Russia prior to 2014. Hey, Ukraine could be a good compensation, right? 

UPDATE: as WSJ reports NATO decided to "shelve" plans to meet with Ukraine regarding European Missile Defense. Not to "provoke" Russia. In the same time, doesn't Frau Kanzlerine have elections to attend pretty soon? As we all know, wars create a problem of refugees and we know how "well" Germany handles these types of problems. 

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