Thursday, November 26, 2015

No Fly Zone

The S-400 Triumph Air Defense complex is already deployed in Syria. This is the first step in achieving a genuine no-fly zone over Syria and a clear message to Turkey (and some other "members" of the so called "coalition") to think twice before doing stupid things. Basically, with RKR Moskva "anchored" around Latakia and S-400 already in combat mode, we are talking about very serious coverage, including deep inside Turkey's territory. 

Judging by today's Erdogan's hysteria, it is possible that he may, indeed, have decided to commit this crime on his own and now knows that he got burned. It is now up to NATO (read: USA) to decide if it wants to be associated further with such a "partner". But then again, judging by the backgrounds of US "allies" such as terrorists states of Saudi Arabia or Qatar, and Obama's detached from the reality narcissistic view of himself and his Muslim "friends", nothing should come as a surprise. In the end, Obama's Administration is heavily infected with the neocon filth and they, not Obama, really make decisions on foreign policy. 

It is clear now, that Russia is in close communications with Syrian Kurd forces and is in the process of closing most Turkish-Russian economic relations. This will hurt, big time. This and, of course, at some point of time some "accidental" Turkish Air Force venturing into the Syrian airspace may result in Turkey losing one of her aircraft. 

Meanwhile, it is Thursday and it is Thanksgiving Day. To all my American good friends, colleagues and simply decent, hard working American folks--Happy Thanksgiving. And yes, I'll eat turkey today. 

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