Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lavrov Verbatim.

Here is he in Russian:
Translation:  We are used to sanctions. A principle geopolitical reaction is that we develop a conviction that our Western partners are unreliable, including, sadly, members of European Union."

He elaborated further on Russia using "safety net" when dealing with Europe and this safety net, as one might have expected, includes but is not limited to, is tying Russia's European gas pipe-lines to her East-bound pipe-line systems. I mentioned it already several times before--Russia now views Europe as a secondary energy market and Lavrov's statements today are pretty explicit in terms of saying to Europe to go and fvck itself. Russia today can afford that. In fact, come to think about it, US devouring EU plays into Russia's hands. Many in the West still cannot grasp a simple fact that pipelines such as NS2 are not crucial for Russia anymore. They are, however, crucial to Europe, but EU is on a straight path to economic suicide and one does not negotiate with a patient of asylum. 

After that Lavrov delivered a knockout blow:
"Без реакции это оставлять нельзя. Это, во-первых, неправильно, с точки зрения законов дипломатии. Во-вторых, мы хотим просто ограничить негативное влияние различных западных структур и государств и многочисленных так называемых                                     неправительственных организаций на те планы, которые существуют в нашей стране, которые существуют у наших союзников"  
Translation: We cannot leave this (sanctions) without reaction. First, it is incorrect from the point of view of diplomacy. Secondly, we simply want to limit a negative influence of various western structures and states, and numerous NGOs on those plans which exist in our country and our allies. 

What are those plans, you may ask? Look at Russia, from aviation, to space, to high power gas turbines, to shipbuilding--Russia was in import-substitution and localization (re-industrialization) mode for years now and she does it as if there is no tomorrow. Rightly so. I guess, many NGOs, companies and other "structures" will be thrown out of Russia now--long overdue. I know reaction among majority of Russians was "finally". Russia is parting her ways with EU. All this is for:
Translation: In other words, to provide for ourselves for all possibilities, if the EU remains on its negative destructive positions, to be independent from its whims and that we can ensure our own autonomous development, as well as in partnership with those who are ready to cooperate on equal basis and mutual respect.   

I am on record for years that talking to Europeans is useless, Europe has no real international subjectivity and is in full blown decline mode which is irreversible. Something "clicked" in Kremlin and I have an idea what. The preparation for this "click" was happening for years now and only blind couldn't see the end result of it. Strategic ramifications for statements made on this level are gigantic and it all comes down to Russia having enough wherewithal to abandon EU to the US, which will make sure that it is not competitive with its suicidal energy policies. But we don't see the whole game yet, what is clear is that some new chapter is being written in Russia. Germany should prepare now for giving some explanations about Navalny and those better be a really damn good ones, which Russia knows with absolute guarantee Germany doesn't have.What a lovely Sunday. In related news, wink, wink...
Why this news are important? Well, because not only Russia now herself produces high powered gas turbines completely on her own, but because localization of 100% was agreed upon by GE (in Russian) and, as Russians point out, Siemens suddenly (yes, in the last two days) gets not only extremely stiff competition from Russians themselves but from GE, which is only happy to work with Russia (in Russian).  I told ya, Russia is a hot commodity and is not cheap, not at all. Miss a step and you are gone. But then again, it is EU's business what they decide to do, Russia is too busy developing herself. 

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