Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Gas Station Masquerading As A Country (c).

Obviously, John McCain could never eat his words since he is dead (like really-really dead), but among some things Russia produces which are absolutely without equals in the world are nuclear ice-breakers. These are extremely complex ships and if that hasn't been bad enough (for some), Russia is simply in a league of her own when it comes to Arctic research and maintaining a unique, unrivaled fleet of ice-breakers, especially nuclear ones. Here is a "Test Drive" (a remote Russian analogue of the Top Gear) which gets to "test-drive" Russia's newest nuclear ice-breaker of pr. 22220 Arktika. This 35,000 tons of displacement (full) mastodon is shown in some (only some, a lot of it is classified) detail by two rowdy Russian nerds. And, although, whole 35 minutes of this show are in Russian, even non-Russian speakers may appreciate what was shown. Hint: reactor compartment is not shown (for obvious reasons) as are not shown some control rooms. And even those which are shown are allowed to be shown from some specific angle. So, here it is: 81,000 horsepower floating Arctic wonder. 
But I want to live to see, of course, a giant Lider-class nuclear ice-breaker. If Arktika is huge (and she is huge), Lider will simply dwarf already gigantic Arktika and her sister-ships. This, guys, is real hi-tech and a machinery requiring highest possible, as in the very top, industrial, engineering and manufacturing expertise. Not bad for a gas-station. So, disregard Russian language and enjoy the show.  

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