Wednesday, September 14, 2016

He Did It!!

I wrote about this issue in this blog from the inception--US "main stream" media is a sewer. They have no integrity, honor and are staffed by people who have no applicable skills and are, generally, low lives. Journalism is not a profession, nor is it a "science".  Degeneration of what once was considered to be "respectable" and "free" press in US into tabloids is complete. Here is Washington Post "elaborating" on the mental fart by imbecile with medical degree on the possibility of....Putin poisoning Clinton. Holy Fvck!! It is not anymore about "journalism", it is about catastrophic and violently deteriorating mental illness of US so called "elites" who seem to be hellbent on taking their nation with them down into the oblivion of disintegration. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Once touted as exemplary, the golden standard which world should aspire to achieve, American "democratic" process today is a laughing stock of the world and is financially, morally and culturally corrupted into the mad circus. 

To suggest that the leader of a world power, who not for once asked for and offered cooperation with the US, would poison a presidential candidate of another world power--one has to be absolutely insane to float such an idea. Yet, nothing is too shitty and smelly for prostitutes in WaPo who turn insanity into the viable political options. The way American "mainstream" went all in for Hillary is unprecedented in US presidential election history, no holds barred, really, and that is what makes it so scary and grimly ironic. US is slowly turning into totalitarian state which will (sadly) more and more resemble Orwell's fantasy. This is unless this madness is stopped by silent American majority which can not and must not ignore upcoming elections, because Donald, for all his major flaws, it seems will try to do at least something which may preserve what is left of US sanity. 


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