Friday, August 12, 2016

Putin, Give These People A Russian Citizenship...

17 days ago I wrote this in my discussion with Dillon:

When I mentioned Siberia and Far East I wasn't joking, there is already stream of Russian Germans going back to Russia. We'll see how it will play out in the nearest future and if there will be lines at Russia's embassies in Europe. Call it a hunch but something tells me that it is a possibility.


Well, here it is:

German family travel to Russia to claim ASYLUM - claiming their country is no longer safe because of the migrant influx

They are not Russian Germans (in fact, none of them even speaks rudimentary Russian), they are as German as they come and they have all valid reasons to emigrate to Russia. These are our European Christian folks and they have all rights to seek safety and common culture in other nation. Well, the catch here is, of course, the fact that Germany is considered to be a "democratic" nation, in the same vein as Republic of South Africa is "democratic"--that is where being a  white Africaan increases your chances to be "culturally enriched" (that is raped, tortured, robbed and killed) exponentially. Germany is on her way down and it shines through, only a complete moron or lowlifes such as German media will deny the fact that Europe as a whole and Germany in particular resemble more and more a multicultural train wreck.  
This post is not about just this German family. If you read the comments section to this Daily Mail piece you may get a very good feel of what the mood in Europe is. There will be more and more people like this German family who will be coming to Russia to escape a mayhem which is coming. These people MUST be welcomed in Russia--they are Russian European root and Russia has an immense historic experience with assimilating all kinds of foreigners. If they want to maintain their identities, language, culture too--let them. It goes without saying that most of those people emigrating to Russia will be not your average European hipsters, gays or office plankton who pretends itself to be a class of "intellectuals" who will be consumed by the fire of European Islamization without putting up any fight.  Making decision on escape from European multicultural cloaca by default indicates a truly moral decision. So, paraphrasing one US President, Mr. Putin "tear down the wall" for Europeans who will need Russia's safe haven. Europe did much damage to Russia but that is what makes Russia so different--she forgives. 


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