Thursday, December 11, 2014

The plaque.

This is the plaque of the blog which, I hope, will be fairly active. It will cover several large topics:

1. Military, and naval in particular, affairs;
2. Geopolitics and some "current events";
3. Some key issues of history of the (especially) 20th Century. With military slant, of course;
4. As a rabid fan of progressive rock music and fusion (it used to be called jazz-rock many years ago), I may, sometimes, venture into the "cultural" issues.  Yes, I do have an opinion, sadly. 
5. As a former naval engineer, I may sometimes touch on some educational issues. 

That is pretty much, I think, what should be covered in this blog. I definitely have very little to say about quantum mechanics or ballet, despite the fact that Spartacus and Nutcracker are my favorite ballets of all time. The appearance of this blog is not accidental, pp. #1, 2 and 3 have everything to do with its appearance. Well, here it is--TA-DA! I finally became a blogger.

Yours truly, Smoothie X12. 

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