Thursday, September 5, 2019

Coincidental In A Good Sense.

Paul Craig Roberts wrote a piece on DJT symptomatically titled I Feel Sorry For President Trump. In it PCR arrives to several conclusion one the more important of which is this:
Needless to say, and it is a consensus among people, who at least try to think beyond 24-hour news cycle of the main-stream media sewer, that Trump's appointments for his national security team are an epitome of a disaster. Truth is, Trump can not be THAT stupid not to recognize that in his National Insecurity Adviser John Bolton he has a pathological liar and dangerous sociopath who couldn't care less about POTUS visions and desires. It seems that some recent rumors around White House indicate that it finally started to get to Trump that Mr. Bolton is not there to "advise" POTUS on any serious national security issue--for that Bolton has zero qualifications--but to involve the United States in as many conflicts on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia as humanly possible. 

But rumors persist and here is what is beginning to trickle down. 
Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton is being left out of key meetings and to all intents sidelined. No surprise there. He’s deranged. 
Well, if true--good for Trump, for now. I will refrain from proclaiming it to be good for all of us, having an idea about the "level" of "expertise" of current US pool of national (in)security "experts" we may still get some other weirdo in place of Bolton, IF....which remains to be seen. But, as I said not for once and wrote about this profusely--lawyers and political "scientists", unless they becoming such after having extensive training in real military-intelligence and real economy fields, should not be even considered for positions of influence in what amounts to the question of war and peace, be it economic, political, diplomatic, ideological, let alone actual, kinetic warfare waged by the armed forces. Enough with incompetent, pompous and ego-driven war-mongering non-entities forming US foreign policy (disastrous) and military-political (also disastrous) doctrines while not being able to know shit from shinola, let alone weight of salvo by stand-off weapons from the weight of their bowel movement upon learning for who (them, that is) those weapons are coming in case of war. 

I think PCR does a good job addressing those problems with Trump's cabinet (or lack thereof) and it gives at least some hope that people like PCR and Tucker Carlson raise their important voices in defense of the last vestiges of sanity in D.C. If this creep Bolton will be removed by Trump at some point of time (better earlier than later), we all may then conclude that we might have dodged the bullet. I have a suggestion, although staunchly anti-Iranian, how about DJT does some justice and get General Flynn back to a position from which he was removed by military-intelligence-political junta ran from DNC headquarters as a result of their Russiagate witch-hunt? That, together with putting Mr. Comey, Clapper and Brennan behind bars for treason and anti-Constitutional activity could be a good sign of at least some recovery within already largely compromised and tarnished Republic. Nah, I am being unreasonable....    

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