Thursday, August 22, 2019

Running Out Of Heroes, Really Fast.

I am still waiting from Hollywood a fair treatment, considering new CGI technologies, of American very real heroes and people of highest human qualities, who should serve as role models for new generations. I am waiting for years now for a movie about heroism of USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) in the Battle off Samar. Hell, the whole Taffy-3 group is worthy of an incredible movie-epic. I never saw the movie about Truman Kimbro. There never was any screenplay written for this man's actions. Let me think, do we have any movies about specifically 2nd and 99th Divisions and their actions at Ardennes? Nope. Hell, how about what could be an epic movie--Red and US Army meeting on Elbe in 1945? No? Ok, how about a movie about incredible Joseph Beyrle who served in both US and Red Army during WW II, met Georgi Zhukov. Beyrle was awarded medal For Liberation of Warsaw and Order of Combat Red Banner. This is the material the greatest heroic adventures books are written about. No, again? Hey, at least we got movie with Tom Hanks on Sully and his crew and Miracle on Hudson. 

But, but, those little petty people are of no interest to Hollywood and American media machine. They have a bigger fish to fry--they are making movies about one clueless bimbo (Megyn Kelly) who was "sexually assaulted" (make no mistake--I am categorically against sexual harassment), played by another clueless bitch, Charlize Theron, who should be charged with the child abuse, when stating that her 3 years old son decided to become a girl. That's what I am talking about! These are America's modern day "heroes". 
The first teaser trailer for “Bombshell” shows Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron playing Megyn Kelly. The new movie, originally titled “Fair and Balanced,” chronicles the Roger Ailes sexual misconduct scandal with Theron as Kelly opposite John Lithgow as Ailes, Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson, and Margot Robbie as a fictional Fox News producer. Jay Roach (“Austin Powers,” “Game Change”) directs the film with a cast that includes Alice Eve, Stephen Root, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Allison Janney and Ashley Greene.
You see, that is what really matters in today's America--a steaming pile of shit dressed up as a civic virtue by people who exercise an illusion that they matter. The depth of Hollywood's depravity is unprecedented, so is its evaporating talent across the board. Few true pieces of art here and there, and far and between the parade columns of second-third rate politically correct so called "lefty" virtue signalling crap merely underscore this depth. I, personally, long ago tuned out of this nauseating fodder which passes for an art. Hell, most of it is not even good entertainment. Last movies I watched on DVD were exquisite Bad Times at the El Royal and Blade Runner 2049 masterpiece. The rest? I do not watch anything on TV unless it is a soccer game I have a time for, or it is Smithsonian, or Science, or Travel channels. I confess, I do watch ID Discovery once in a while and the Family Guy with Turner Classic Movies channel being staples of my entertainment diet. One, in order to stay sane, simply must tune out, otherwise the psychological damage is profound. 

Do I want to see a show about normal humans living and doing normal things? I sure do. I got tired of movies and shows about gangs, drug dealers and degenerate 1 percenters. I want to see movies about real heroes, who most of the time are simply normal everyday people who rise to the occasion to do incredible things.  I am sick and tired of plastic vomit-inducing fake superheroes' industry. Vladimir Lenin was spot on when stated that ‘Film for us is the most important of the arts’. He was prescient. But as it is always the case in money-making business, Hollywood turned this art into shitty entertainment, a chewing gum for the brains of sensory overload hungry crowd. There is no place for good humans and real heroes in this business anymore. Do not expect anything topping Forest Gump or WALL-E in their perfection, profundity, kindness and humanity--this height is beyond the reach of modern Hollywood. They are too busy pushing perverted agendas and that is why they are running out of real heroes really fast.  

P.S. A disclaimer--I am eagerly awaiting for new Dune to come out, I hope I will not be disappointed as it happened with much anticipated Prometheus. But then again, Sci-Fi is a bit more complex genre and successes in it do happen still.  

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