Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New New Europe?

While whole "civilized" world holds its breath waiting for new revelations of yet another perpetrator of pussy-grabbing or other cases of accidental fucking with post-coital results rejection among ever morally and spirituality minded, in a very Roman Polanski way, Hollywood, good ole' Bundeswehr decided to quench our sexual harassment stories' thirst by means of "leaking" some rather interesting views on the fate of EU to the pages of Der Spiegel (in German, obviously, at least for now)RT immediately reacted with producing a synopsis of this study in English. It is a very fascinating view of the worst case scenarios for EU. One phrase from their report caught my eye:
A scenario called ‘Multipolar competition’ predicts extremism on the rise in Europe as some EU members appear to move closer to Russia’s “state capitalism model.” All scenarios, drawn by the German military’s Planning Department, are viewed as conceivable by 2040.

The immediate question here is this: could Russian "model", which still didn't completely emerge (it is in the process) be called "State Capitalism"? No doubt, Russian State made huge strides in addressing the results of robbery of Russia by internal and external thieves and returned large swath of national (strategic) natural resources and manufacturing back under state's control. Granted, not without private capital having sometimes a minority share in many of those enterprises. There is certainly something in the making and apart from Bundeswehr's contingency planning, one piece, remarkable in its coincidence, captured my imagination today. This one is from Aleksandr Rogers, a Russian journalist who made next observations yesterday. The piece is in Russian, from Journalist Pravda, but Google Translate will help those who are interested. The title of the piece is About Great Russian Smoke Curtain. There he makes several, rather fascinating but by no means far fetched, hypotheses based on facts that we all are witnessing, indeed, a massive operation by Siloviki in "emerging" Russia into the model which, no matter how one tries to interpret it, has very little to do with classic liberal (libertarian) "free" market economy and, for all intents and purposes it is working. Here is a phrase:

И не нужно забывать, что и Путин, и Иванов, и Нарышкин, и остальные члены так называемого «кооператива «Озеро» – это профессиональные разведчики, специалисты управления «С» КГБ СССР (линии «Л» и «Н»). Они обучены действовать нелегальными методами, запутывать противника и прикидываться не теми, кем являются на самом деле. Например, могут прикинуться олигархами или коррупционерами.

Here is a translation: 

And do not forget that Putin, Ivanov, and Naryshkin, and other members of the so called Cooperative "Ozero" (Lake)--are all professional spies, specialists from Directorate "S" KGB USSR (Lines "L" and "N"). They are taught to act undercover, confuse the enemy and to pretend themselves being somebody else. For example, they can pretend to be Oligarchs or corruptioneers. 

Judging by the enormous scale of the infrastructure project in Russia this very moment--one has to inevitably agree that Rogers has a point. It is especially striking on the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution. I find it amusing since I can totally see (well they are here already) some major economic, scientific and cultural breakthroughs in Russia, made especially contrasting against the hell which is slowly unfolding in Europe. Yes, I also see Visegrad Group formalizing as an actual economic and even military block  relatively soon and they will decide themselves how they want to be oriented economically and, considering the number of Muslims and African population exploding in EU, militarily and culturally. After all, somehow Russia raised her standard of living dramatically in the last 10 years, even despite falling oil prices and sanctions. This is the cold hard fact of life which can not be denied and this was done by refusing to follow "free market" financial capitalism prescriptions. Hm, interesting....

Wink, wink, if you know what I mean.


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