Monday, July 24, 2017

On US Sanctions on Russia... Again!

US Congress finally "agreed" on measures punishing Russia for her blatant "interference in US 2016 elections" and that was expected from US political body which is corrupt to the core and whose main loyalties are to Israel. Even fake-news outlets are forced to admit that the measure is not much about Russia. After all, US legislators somehow forgot to put under sanctions US-Russian space cooperation--talk about having "firm" principles. No, the measure is about President Trump and of globalist cabal (neocons, "liberals" and so called Republicans) being desperate in trying to prevent any kind of rapprochement between US and Russia. This time, however, those sanctions, to which Russia adapts with unprecedented efficiency, ricocheted into EU. 

EU bureaucracy is even sleazier than Washington's one but, boy, do they get all alert and "principled" when the talk is about money! Now they are all up in arms against US Russia sanctions. Talk about getting hit where it truly hurts. I think they are getting pop-corn out in Moscow. Fascinating, really. Trump, most likely, will be coerced in signing the sanctions' bill but that wouldn't by now make any difference since the picture got clear to everybody who haven't spent last ten years under the stone. US is trying to bully EU to buy natural liquid gas from the US (hence efforts on part of Poland and Ukraine, controlled from D.C., in sabotaging Nord Stream 2), this gas will be much more expensive than that from Russia. 

Well, it doesn't matter much for Russia anymore. As was stated not for once, more sanctions mean stronger Russia. As scandal with Siemens gas turbines in Crimea has shown, Russia does not particularly care anymore about losing key European suppliers for the reasons of:

2. Having a number of other suppliers who would be glad to see Siemens leave Russia's market. 

In other words, Russia has options, plenty of them--EU doesn't and, for that matter, the US doesn't have them either. In the end, continuous sabotage of Russia merely prompts her to move even closer to East Asian markets and Russia's energy, machinery and hi-tech, especially weapons, are a very hot item there. Meanwhile anti-Russian hysteria in the West continues and now it did reach its crescendo with this paranoia--Russians slowly becoming a second class citizens and I will not be surprised that at some point of time they will have red stars sown to their clothes in a good Nazi tradition and will be herded into ghettos, after all, who knows what they mean when state that "lessons learned", never mind that combined West is not capable anymore of learning anything. As long as the world stays away from nuclear conflict, things should be alright.

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