Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Verdict Is In.

After US "intelligence" report on Russian "hacking" which exhibited a complete rot of US establishment, I thought that there is nowhere lower to go, when even CIA professionals (real ones) started questioning intentions behind this report. The "report" itself is a pathetic exhibition of intellectual impotence and rumor-mongering. Boy, was I mistaken. I stated not for once that US "main-stream" media are a sewer, including most of their "iconic" figures, who are nothing more than paid shills with egos larger than cathedrals and with no applicable life skills. But this morning proved that United States Of America is in deep systemic crisis which is much more serious than mere economic decline, covered up with preposterous indices and cooking of books. No, the crisis in metaphysical--the whole notion of an American idea is being destroyed in a front of our eyes. Most important US institutions are either discrediting themselves or are being discredited.

Forget the legitimacy and prestige of the institute of US Presidency being in decline since Bill "wondering willy" Clinton or a disastrous W or, even more disastrous, Obama. Today, by attacking US President (elect) Donald Trump in the most despicable way, US political class and its coterie of media figures, pundits and "analysts" has shown how deep their depravity is and... how impotent they are. 

The Deep State Versus Donald Trump - New Smears And A Ukrainian Connection

I have Moon Of Alabama blog in the list of my favorite blogs but above is a direct link to B's great analysis. I want, however, to support and... refute Donald Trump when in his tweet he asks: "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" My answer to that is: no, Mr. President, we live in the United States of America in the age of pathetic mediocrities and establishment a-holes who, like those proverbial monkeys, can only throw shit at others. Doing so, they are destroying, including by making it a laughing stock of the world, their own (??) country. History, using a beaten to death Marx' cliche, repeats itself first as a tragedy, then as a farce. For all evil of Nazi Regime, it had some of the most outstanding political, military, economic and intelligence professionals, who created a machine whose efficiency is beyond the grasp of Beltway operators, who are capable of producing only a farce and are, as, yet again, that proverbial monkey, playing with a grenade, a nuclear one. United States today is a panopticon, not a Nazi Germany.

Never again will any American claims on "democracy" and "republic" which are being destroyed from within, be seriously viewed in the world. Any claim to "free press" will be laughed at. Yet, there is a silver lining to all that. The hysteria of neocon-neoliberal mafia in US is a good sign, it means they know they are defeated and I don't mean just Trump's victory. The trend is global and it is unmistakable:

1. New "left's" (in reality neoliberal) ideology, which was in the foundation of US foreign policy for decades, is done. Globalization, under the aegis of "liberal democracy" and "human rights" is being turned back as I type this. Weakening of the United States is not just the function of some bad personalities who were hellbent to do bad things to the US--the system is flawed, it bore the seeds of its own destruction. Massive  de-industrialization, the reign of the financial parasites, decline of the living standard, institutional crisis, moral and cultural decay, de facto racial war--those are just some signs of the crisis of the "formation" in the US and elsewhere. In effect, American (economic) future was sacrificed at the altar of free trade fundamentalism, military adventurism and utopian social experiments. 

2. Nation-state won the battle, or, rather, after brief tactical retreat, came back with a vengeance. Nation-state, not some globalist dystopia,  remains and will remain a decisive player in the world affairs. The rise of China, Russia, of populist and nationalistic movements in Europe, Brexit, in the end--Trump's victory, are just some indicators of a collapse of the globalist "world order".  Davos ideas are just that--rubbish. We are, after 25 years of self-proclaimed Pax Americana, back to power balance politics. We are also back to re-emerging understanding of productive forces, with the emphasis on productive. Manufacturing, building things has much bigger meaning than mere numbers--it is a crucial human function, without it--cultural, intellectual and moral decay. More tattoo parlors, more marijuana dispensaries, more transgender bathrooms and more crime and drugs ridden hoods. Globalization=national lumpenization, and that's what happened to the United States, that is also why Trump won.   

That is why people who almost destroyed the United States and wreaked havoc on the world are so desperate and so hysterical in their attempts to delegitimize Donald Trump and the modicum of common foreign policy and economic sense he and his team are trying to bring back to the US. So, what is prognosis? This one is very simple:

1. US Congress, which does not work in the interest of the majority of the Americans will continue to impede Trump in any of his attempt to normalize relations with Russia. Every tool will be used to maintain hostile relations with Russia until the real war happens or until new generation of thinking American politicians will emerge. Unlike former, which is still probable, the latter...well, I don't know. Judging by what Ivy League madrasas produce as foreign policy "experts", one has to admit that the quality of the "product" is at best shoddy, at worst--American "exceptionalists" who live in parallel universe. 

2. US main-stream media will continue to throw shit at Trump and any of his initiative until, hopefully, they will cease to exist as "free" media institutions. Basically, CNN, NYT, WaPo, NBC etc. are nothing more than the elements of MiniTrue, who still think that 1984 was written NOT about them, while in reality it was about them exactly. 

3. The split between US "elites" is evident today and the house divided against itself can not stand. Will there be some new consensus down the road? I don't know, but it has to be understood that US globalist "elites" are anti-American to the core. They have no loyalty to American people. Are their loyalties to transnational capital? Yes. To anti-white racism? Absolutely. To sexual-deviancy and degeneracy in culture? You bet! To global uniform "world" with "deplorables", that is overwhelming majority, reduced to the slaves of sexual, cultural, racial and other fringes? That is their quintessential idea, raison d'etre. Are they in the pockets of the Military-Industrial Complex? Hell, yeah. Do they care about lives of people they bomb to smithereens or do they care about American soldiers coming home in coffins or with horrible wounds? Nope. But that are the people who, waving American flag, continue their (self) destructing campaign against Donald Trump and doing so, they lost even residual sense of decency. 

There could be no compromise with this crowd. Otherwise, constant US decline and eventual disintegration with high probability of a global war.  Avoiding this scenario is a worthy goal to pursue and it will require an effort. The Augeas Stables must be cleaned. Is Donald and his team are capable of Heracles' Fifth Labor? We may learn the answer soon and, after all, do we have any other option? The verdict is in--this can not continue as it is and it will not, one way or another.

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