Monday, February 15, 2016

Mosquitoes On The Move

As was totally expected, one of the Buyan M-class MRKs Zelyonyi Dol, escorted by Project 266 Minesweeper Kovrovets passed Bosphorus yesterday on their way to the Eastern Mediterranean to join there with Russian Navy's task force. At this stage it is unknown what is the configuration of Zelyonyi Dol's missile suite but I would speculate that it contains not only land attack cruise missiles. I have a hunch that this muscle ship is there primarily for the anti-shipping role. I could be wrong, of course, but should, God forbids, things go hot between Turkey and Russia, Russia has more than enough cruise missiles which can be launched from within Russia's territory and air-space. 

Huge thanks to Anton Blinov for his excellent ship-spotting work.


She is an old gal and saw a lot. Still does the job.


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