Sunday, September 13, 2015

Expert Community?

I wrote about complete bankruptcy of the "western", so called, Russia expert community for years. Know Thy Enemy dictum by Sun Tzu is as relevant today as it was....forever. Yet, it is also ignored by Anglo-sphere (did I just write this?) consistently and so goes for its European off-springs brought up and taught by US Ivy League madrasas.  Western Russia experts, as well as their supposedly "genuine" Russian "experts" from Russia (mostly fringe freak-show ignoramuses), have one common trait--they are not professionals and..well..ignorant.  Here is an excellent piece by The Kremlin Stooge precisely dealing with this, rather huge, problem. 

I am always puzzled by the fact that so many who never served, who have no military background whatsoever, who never had any even remote understanding of war, think that they can have some opinion on the issues of warfare. For some reason, at least in the US, the bulk of this kind of people comes from humanities background and, what else, gaming community. Well, that plus overly zealous teenagers who didn't realize their sexual fantasies yet.  

P.S. I communicated recently (couple or so weeks ago) with one Ph.D. in Russian-American relations from Princeton. Nice guy, but, goodness gracious, the level of ignorance is appalling.  

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