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Thursday, November 14, 2019

For White Board MBAs.

Get this: 
(Reuters) - Boeing Co has abandoned a key automation system used to make fuselage sections for its 777 jetliners amid reports of reliability issues, and will instead partially switch back to mechanics, the planemaker said on Thursday. The company began to build 777 fuselages in 2015 in an upright orientation, with robots drilling holes and installing fasteners, an initiative known as fuselage automated upright build (FAUB). The world's biggest planemaker said it had stopped using the system which, according to industry sources, caused problems with reliability and rework issues. Boeing had faced delays last year when the FAUB machine was tried out on existing versions of the 777. Instead, the company will switch to "flex tracks" - an automated method to drill the holes along the circumference of the airplane that are then fastened manually.
Believe me, there is more to it than meets the eye. By far, I underscore it, by far not all things could be done by manipulators (aka industrial robots) and especially so in the aerospace industry where only humans can provide for a foreseeable future required input and actual quality control. Training, qualifications, education become a decisive factor. I will not disclose any secret that many companies in aerospace prefer human layup of aircraft composite parts to any "machine laying", granted that machines can do only few and less complex parts anyway. And then comes the issue of Quality Control. Yes, there are machines involved in it, many machines, some of them very sophisticated, but in the end it comes down to human supervision and decision making process that define if the aircraft flies or it fails. It is good news that Boeing made this decision--in the end, it is Quality Inspector who answers for the aircraft, not some machine which can do only so much. 

This brings a larger issue to the fore--naked numbers on "robotization" which all kinds of white board trained MBAs love to operate with, in no way defines the "strength" or otherwise of economy. Robots are useful and they will continue to be deployed but they are merely tools and sometimes can be harmful due to bad engineering and design. Boeing provided today an excellent example of that. It is one thing to drill a substandard hole in a car on the conveyor, totally another--to do so on a commercial or military aircraft. Lives of people who fly it, including those on the ground, depend on that and no amount of bookkeeping and abstract economic data can ever substitute ethical and professional attitude of people making planes. This is a real hi-tech I am talking about, not assembly of iPhones or CGI. Only designers, engineers and, in the end, production floor manufacturing specialists can have a decisive input on the production issues. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Teeny-Weeny Bit Of News From Germany.

I respect Germans, not the perverts from the so called German "left", but real Germans who understand who they are and have ideas about Germany other than guidelines dictated from the swamp of the modern political creatures at the service of globalism. But even globalist shills understand that if Germany has any chance to survive in whatever shape and not be consumed by the United States against which Germany's very high energy cost manufacturing is a very weak hand, Germany needs affordable energy. Bundestag obviously understands that:
Berlin (AP) - The Bundestag has cleared the way for the controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. With the votes of the coalition parliamentary groups CDU / CSU and SPD as well as the FDP the conversion of an EU gas guideline into national law was decided. This should provide legal and planning certainty for Nord Stream 2. The Greens raised sharp criticism. A proposal for a decision on the draft law that has now been adopted is concerned with the addition of a time-limit until when exceptions to certain provisions of the Directive are possible. It is now said that "all circumstances" of the individual case must be taken into account. The amendment to the EU Gas Directive adopted in April stipulates that in future EU energy rules will also apply to pipelines that run from third countries to the European Union. According to this, the production of natural gas and the operation of the pipeline must not be in the same hands - unlike before in Nord Stream 2. 
The only issue I have with this is that Nord Stream 2 is called "controversial". Well, for European Greens who are primarily an open-door asylum for mentally disabled people it is "controversial", it is, of course, controversial for the United States. But then again, everything Russia-related is controversial for the United States, including down right embarrassing maneuvering around Turkish S-400s. 
This will continue across the whole spectrum of the American foreign so called "policy" issues but it will not change couple of facts "on the ground" which became clear for anyone with half-a-brain observing American behavior in the last 5 or so years. 

1. Nord Stream 2, of course, never was about US "concern" about "security" of Europe's energy supply. It was always about opening European market for American expensive LNG while simultaneously providing a double-whammy by raising costs of European, especially German highly energy consuming, manufacturing thus reducing competitiveness of Germany's products. This, and then, of course, Russia--since 1970s the United States were in constant opposition to any Soviet/Russian supply of Europe with affordable energy. Soviet Union then and Russia today were not and are not supposed to benefit from selling energy and, while doing so, establishing better economic relations which served as an impediment to any war plans against Soviet/Russian "threat". 

2. This pathetic charade about F-35 (or F-22) should really be dropped by now. Not only they are seen by S-400s, they are seen by S-300s, and especially are seen by integrated Air Defense using normal sensor-data-fusion techniques across the whole spectrum from optical to radio. They are also seen by the radar or OLS of such aircraft as SU-30SM, SU-35C and SU-57. Even the latest butt-hurt BS propagated by all kinds of tabloids such as The National Interest pushing some lame rumors about supposedly S-500 being "tested" in Syria is yet another link in this long chain of BS claims to save "reputation" of one of the most embarrassing military programs, or rather failures, in the history of humanity. 

But in all of this, one can easily see machinations and desperate attempts to save what Obama Administration and its so called Intelligence Community thought would be a sure thing--to lure and then lock Russia in with the shithole both US and EU helped to create in Ukraine. When it became obvious that Russia didn't take the bait and forestalled the United States first with Crimea and, secondly, in Syria it became clear that the only value of the Ukrainian madhouse for the United States and the Belt of Stupid (US lapdogs from Poland and Baltic States) is in trying to coerce Russia to continue to finance Nazi low lives in Kiev through the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine. "Smart" plan--making Russians pay for the chaos near their border. Well, considering ignorant petulant infantiles populating US "analytical" circles, this master plan was calculated well in advance and all necessary steps were taken.  You all know the story--I call it a Revelation Mode and, in fact, I may reiterate again (and why not?), the emergence of a new TOOD (Theater Of Operation Denial) Doctrine. All this happened in an instant when looked at it in historic terms. I had this discussion with Paul Craig Roberts and others not for once: compare the start-state and the end-state, between 2014 and 2019. We all live in a completely different world than it was in 2014. I mean completely, it is already unrecognizable for those who have an attention span longer than the time between commercials in SitCom and who opened their minds to seeing obvious things. 

Here is the deal. The way I see it. Hopefully by that time this pathetic show with "Impeachment" will be over and many people (if to believe that AG Barr and DOJ have any balls and integrity left) who are today omnipresent in US media will be locked away. That time is being May 9, 2020--the 75th Anniversary of the defeat of Nazism. Russia already issued invitation to Donald Trump to attend the undeniably grandiose parade in the Red Square. If the seditious treasonous coup is squashed early next year, Trump has a choice, an enormously powerful choice--if he goes to Moscow he may get along with himself a unified battalion of the US Armed Forces for it to march at the Red Square at the Parade. The precedent was set in 2010. After all, USSR and the United States were big allies. Who knows, suddenly UK and France may "reconsider" (wink, wink). But we'll see how it plays out. But yes, it will take draining of the swamp, but can you imagine the power of such a message? In the end, there are always American and British flags present every year in a massive river of humanity walking in an Immortal Regiment March. I think that is more important, even if for a day, than any geopolitics.     

Hey, Don, Take The Job.

We all know that you are an obnoxious bad mouthing old Son of a Bitch, but hey, seriously, take this offer Russians would love to have you to both hate and like you. You ARE, let's be honest, great entertainment value.  Legendary Dynamo Moscow certainly thinks so: 
I am not being facetious, Don would love Moscow which offers way more than Toronto, plus he will never have better opportunity to learn that Russians are not subhumans after all. Moreover, there is a shitload of Canadian head-coaches managing Russian teams from Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), plus a large number of Canadian hockey players play in KHL. Very few people can get a second chance like that. In the end, it may indeed end up with Coach's Corner on Hockey Night Russia. That would be something to behold. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Europeans Want Own Weapons.

Well, at least this is what they state. 
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union governments gave the green light on Tuesday for 13 new defence projects in a step to develop more firepower independently of the United States. Under plans agreed by EU defence ministers in Brussels, work will begin on a new patrol vessel, an electronic jamming weapon for aircraft and technology to track ballistic missiles. The projects took months to negotiate but French President Emmanuel Macron underlined the desire for deeper EU defence collaboration last week when he said the U.S.-led NATO defence alliance was dying. Some 47 joint EU defence projects are now in the works following the signing of a pact by France, Germany and 23 other EU governments in late 2017 to fund, develop and deploy armed forces following Britain's decision to quit the bloc. Any new weapons on land, at sea or in the air and cyberspace can be put at NATO's disposal, but U.S. President Donald Trump's questioning of the alliance's significance has added impetus to European defence efforts.Macron has expressed doubt about NATO's security maxim that an attack on one ally is an attack on all. But many European allies reject his portrayal of NATO, which will hold a summit in London on Dec. 4, as brain dead. 
Looks like Macron made some decision personally, this one maybe out of personal conviction even. This fact:
European defence planning, operations and weapons development foresee France taking a big role in 60% of the 47 projects, often with Germany, Italy and Spain.
Speaks volumes. But while France may have some technological, by far not all, expertise to realize at least some of those programs the underlying issue remains--it may be too late for Europe. If to follow Macron's today statement at Paris Peace Forum:
One has to seriously question, granted it being a traditional political fodder in Europe, such "priorities" as climate change (the way Europeans want to deal with it--which is DOA), if "nationalism" is truly a real danger? I think President of France should be better situationally aware than your average Joe, or Jacques, for that matter, to not know that the so called "nationalism" was merely a response to a degenerate, culturally and economically, globalization. People simply fell back to their roots. One has to when seeing sodomy, pedophilia and Islamization flourishing in Europe. You know, like Poles today, or Russians who guard their children from European "progressive" so called "values".  

Trump is surely correct in one thing, granted this thing is built on a false premise, that Europeans were a free loaders and riders against Soviet/Russian "Threat". Not that the US didn't profit from it, pardon, I mean few American corporations, but Trump's logic is sound--how about Europe paying for her safety from those nasty Russkies, who, as we all are aware, sleep and dream of attacking Europe for some mysterious reasons. But, in the end, it is between Europe and the United States. Macron wanted to put a mantle of a mediator between Russia and combined West, but I don't think it is a serious attempt nor do Macron or France have enough weight to mediate anything. Russians just want Europe to buy their gas, which Europeans are hell bent on doing so, and that is good enough for Russia. Russia has a much bigger business to attend with China and there are some issues to be solved because for all her massive economy China also has some serious energy and military issues, especially if to consider the bat-shit crazy US political Parnassus, which may decide in the end to block China on SLOCs. United States would love to "pull" the war with China into the high seas where mighty US Navy can interrupt the flow of resources to China. But Europeans wanting own weapons is, certainly, a symptom, a late one, but important nonetheless. 

Meanwhile, Power of Siberia is getting ready, and now there is a very compelling school of though out there which thinks that during 2014 negotiations between Russia and China on this strategic gas-pipe issue, it was Chinese side which was more interested in the project, not actually Russia. But no matter now, it is ready and so be it. New ones are also in plans because China will need Russia's energy badly. That is unless the United States itself doesn't implode so badly that it will be, indeed, forced to live only by effectively regional aspirations, if that. But that is a separate issue altogether.  

P.S. Because people may ask due to rumors spread by all kinds of BS Artists from various US media sewers I forestall it--I don't see why Russia needed to "test" S-500 in Syria. This whole "story" reeks of yet another BS, especially related to F-35 damage control in US (and Israeli) media. I call it a BS.  

Don Cherry Is Fired.

Oh, (come on) Canada! We all know that Don Cherry is a village idiot, always was, and is primarily a side-show entertainment for Hockey Night in Canada. BTW, the guy spoke so much anti-Russian shit over decades that it is difficult to even keep the score. But then again, no offense is taken when said by a village idiot. Jesters are allowed to speak their mind, so Don spoke and he got grilled and fired.

You know what? Don is actually correct here--as I said, jesters are, periodically--but Canada gripped by the suffocating political correctness couldn't take it. 85-years old Don got fired. Really? This is the fate of people who dare to point out to obvious facts of dissolving of white, primarily christian, European-keen population of North American Continent with people many of who do not share any ideas in the foundation of both Canada and United States, among which freedom of speech was, until relatively recently, one of the most important rights. It is not anymore. Globalist, open-borders, totalitarianism is unfolding over North America and until something drastic happens, both Canada and the US will inevitably descend into the either complete chaos or into the severe dictatorship in which everything what made Anglo world so attractive in the XX century--human rights and due process--will be either repudiated or entirely destroyed. The new generation of Anglo Hongweibings is already here and the only thing which separates North America, for now, from a complete collapse of the remnants of tradition of liberty is the older generation which is still armed and has its own opinion on all this shit. It is a sad, sad reality. Meanwhile Democratic Party calls for open borders. Don Cherry learned it the hard way--even jesters are not safe anymore.  

Friday, November 8, 2019

Some Technological Issues For The Russian Navy.

No, I am not talking about those well-known issues of re-tooling and modernization of wharves and issues related to that. No. I am talking about the issue of a fleet facing a completely new technological reality, aka Real Revolution in Military Affairs, and being forced to adapt literally on the run with all that follows, including rewriting its own fighting doctrine, tactics and reviewing its force structure. Enter this damn 3M22 Zircon and Marshal Shaposhnikov, now officially, a destroyer (instead of being Large ASW Ship in his previous life) and long time "reservist" K-132 Irkutsk of Oscar-II (project 949A) SSGN. The hint with Shaposhnikov was obvious. Compare this picture from from 2017:

With this, from October 2019. 

See the difference? It is huge, Shaposhnikov has two large technological holes created behind her, now lone, 100-mm gun and those holes are, obviously, for UKSK (3C14) VLS. Now, it has been revealed that apart from seemingly obvious mix of Kalibr's 3M14-3M54-91RT family missiles, Shaposhnikov WILL carry, drum roll, 3M22 Zircon.   
Translation: Large ASW Ship Marshal Shaposhnikov and submarine Irkutsk will be able to use Zircon missiles. Submarine Irkutsk, specifically, is being modernized to project 949AM level.

This, obviously, explains a "delay", or rather "progression" of modernization plans for Shaposhnikov. As for Oscars, their Zirconization was obvious from the git go. In fact, Russian Navy's Zirconization is now an established fact. These ships are for Russia's Pacific Fleet, which is in desperate need for modernization (it is ongoing as I type this) and is getting to be (back) a key stability factor both in nuclear deterrence and in Asia by conventional means. Just imagine one of these things stuffed with Zirkons and Onyxes to the hilt hanging out somewhere under the cover of Russian ASW and fighter-interceptor aviation, and latest SSKs.

See the possibilities now? 
This is not anymore A2/AD (Anti-Access/Area Denial) "bubble", this is (may I copyright this?) Theater Of Operations Denial (TOOD) doctrine in action. But then again, traditional geopolitics as it was conceived in times of steam and ironclads is dead as are dead old fighting naval doctrines. But I warned about it years ago, didn't I? Here is one of such warnings. 
I propose, that the development of these kinds of ships (boats) and of the missile complexes they carry is completely new, paradigm-shifting, development but before I continue, hopefully during the Labor Day weekend, I want to make some important points.

Disclaimer: I know, there are armies of internet "warriors" who browse world-wide-web constantly in search of the virtual fights and who do not understand that behind all this fancy military lingo is the reality of the combat with blood, suffering, torn limbs, horrible burns, torturous deaths. I am terrified by the possibility of Russia and US going to war, but I am also terrified by the blood-thirst of all kinds of patriots who are ready to fight somebody, while sitting in the chairs as I am doing now.

I have a profound respect to US Navy, its glorious history and many people, who served and still serve there, some of those people are my closest and dearest friends and they are not war mongers. However, the continuation of the posts on mosquito fleet, inevitably, will lead to a description of the scenario which is in the air, but, hopefully is not becoming a reality, in which US Navy will try to test Russia's littoral defenses and this scenario will, certainly, involve participation on a massive scale of Russian Navy's mosquito capabilities, which, as some already guessed, will be covered in the air and from beneath by necessary means which, in Russian language, are called Naryad Sil  (Required Force--what is Naryad and why it is called as such, in English it means dressed, is a separate discussion;-)   Meanwhile, I leave you with the question of why late Admiral Cebrowsky's (hell, try Zumwalt and his Project 60) ideas of Street Fighter will not work in US.
I don't think I need to add anything here. 

Update: I need to add something here, after all. LOL. Zvezda TV already ran news video on this whole issue. In Russian. Pay attention to update (modernization) of good ol' pr. 1234 with 16 X-35 Uran anti-shipping missiles. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Matthew 5:39 States.

From New International Version of Bible: 
But this is New International Version. Some Russian editions, however, have this translation: 
But I tell you not to resist the evil person. Instead, whoever shall strike you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also, then leaning slightly to right administer a good uppercut into the body, with left hook following into the right jaw (those with good background in serious martial arts may administer Mae Geri into the gut or evil person's face). 
So, I get it, so called lefties in the US and Europe are deranged and many do have unmanly psychological and physiological way of manifesting their displeasure with MAGA people or anyone who disagrees with them. Consider this Berkley "professor". Notice how fast cowardly SOB leaves the scene. In fact, he runs away, after striking an innocent man while himself hiding in the crowd. Obviously, later charges against this "professor" were all dropped--it is California after all. And I am sure professor's progressive credentials are impeccable. He looks like a loser and gender-confused.

Liberals (or "lefties") continue to go bananas, however, and now some 43 year old loser from Florida does this, attacking a 67 year old man wearing MAGA hat. You can see and read about the whole ordeal here. Apart from him behaving like a crack whore who didn't get a fix from a client and spitting on otherwise totally peaceful senior citizen, the dude, allegedly an "engineer" left me completely confused.  
            "Trump supporters are communist and racist," he said.

WTF? Dude really needs his head examined, but that is beyond the point, the point is different. I am a Second Amendment enthusiast and I am all for Concealed-Carry but I think pulling a gun on this imbecile would have been a bit too much. In the same time, getting older myself, I can understand that 67 year old man may not have in him anymore what is required for chasing down SOB and beating the shit out of him. So, here is a conundrum. What is too much for such an incident? In Russia, this SOB would have had his jaw displaced in no time, sadly, US is not Russia in this particular circumstance. As this creep commented: 
In apparent reference to Youngblood, who is 67-years-old, he also said: "I don't even care that I'm going to jail, this is actually exciting, plus I have more time on this earth than he does anyway, he probably feels so good about himself."
Well, that is the problem--it is one thing of having "more time on this earth" when having a $500 bond and having an arrogant and disgusting mug like this. Totally another having same but with some facial features rearranged and have their color changed in full accordance to old scripture verse, thus providing a good Pavlovian conditioning to all kinds of "progressive-aggressive imbeciles" that next time they may, indeed, have someone administer enough amount of pain for them to, in fact, not requiring reporting them to the police. In the end, how about trying to get someone closer to your own age and frame size--that seems like a reasonable suggestion.

Any thoughts on this? 

P.S. Real men spit only into the face of death and that is a heroic act. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Complete Degeneracy And Lack Of Civilization In...

UK. I am stupefied: 
Got it, folks? Here is how I stumbled on that through Paul Kersey at Unz. You can read more about United Kingdom abrogating all great achievements of Western Civilization through millennia in medicine, including Hippocratic Oath here:
Well, what can I say--I will avoid appearing in UK hospitals to the best of my ability. For those people in UK who do not understand what real medicine and humanism are (hence the Oath), I'll give one example. Even though Nazi Europe, led by Nazi Germany, committed unspeakable atrocities in the USSR during WW II, most German POWs, some of them fanatical Nazis, were still treated by Soviet doctors and given whatever little medicine USSR had for its own citizens, who were in a huge deficit, considering an enormous scale and scope of the war at the Eastern Front. 

Is the United States next after UK? Some signs are already in place. So, UK part of the West does need obituary, albeit Paul Craig Roberts wrote one for the whole West. We are entering a twilight zone in what used to be the combined West dominated by Anglo world in post-WW II period. UK is done--it is not a Western nation anymore and while at it, they should dispose of graves of Cromwell, Shakespeare, shut down whatever is left of once Great Britain, discard Newton, dispose off especially British literature, Beatles and Gainsborough and prepare to face a brand new world.  It is at the gates and there is no one to defend the castle. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

So, She Is Upset That She Didn't Get The Scoop...

Not that US and UK "elites", at least large portions of those, consist of pedophiles. What a profound psychological trauma. Underaged girls be damned.
In a leaked video released Tuesday, ABC News anchor Amy Robach said the network killed her story on wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein under pressure from the British royal family. Robach, sitting at the ABC anchor desk but apparently speaking to colleagues off-air, was expressing frustration that the network did not air her 2015 interview with Virginia Giuffre, who said she was coerced into a sexual relationship with Epstein when she was a teenager. Among other men whom she accused of abusing her when she was 17 was Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second son. "I’ve had this interview with Virginia [Giuffre]," she says in the video. "We would not put it on the air. First of all, I was told, ‘Who’s Jeffrey Epstein?’... Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways. We were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview Kate and Will, so I think that had also quashed the story.” Robach also said they had evidence implicating former President Bill Clinton, who flew on Epstein’s plane. Clinton and Prince Andrew have denied Giuffre’s accounts.
But, after Jeffrey Epstein was suicided, it seems the story went away and life went on as if nothing really happened. America is still deeply involved in the process of uncovering Putin's agents in the top echelons of US political power, while US "main-stream" journalist corps, which is a teeny-weeny bit above pedophile politicians in its "moral" outlook, continues to prove to everyone what a collection of low life scum it is top-bottom. As reaction of this presstitude  Amy Robach proves beyond the shadow of a doubt. As per media as a whole--it is a machine, primarily at the service of Democratic Party, which will cover up for pedophilia, Nazism, genocide, rape, treason, sedition and war crimes, as long as it serves the interest of their bosses, many of who should be bound for indictment by a grand jury and put behind bars for life, if not executed by hanging by the neck. As per ABC and Robach:
In statements following the video’s release, Robach and ABC News said that the 2015 story failed to reach their editorial standards.
US main stream media have standards? That is a mystery to me. Neither does Anglo political class. There will be no justice just continuation of degeneracy.  

Total Recall-2.

Before I start--a disclaimer: this is to give an impression, not to gloat or be condescending. It is for educational purposes only. 

This is so funny how it all coincided with the whole vector of my series of posts about military education. Almost surreal.  I am on record that Bologna Process, all these Bachelor's and Master's Degrees are useless inventions in the world where something else is needed entirely for a serious and deep education. Now get this, today:
Translation: The President of Russia Vladimir Putin express doubts about separation of education for Bachelor and Master degrees. "Is this some kind of fad, does it make any sense?" Moreover, The Minister of Education Olga Vasilieva declared that Bachelor is not enough for humanities education. She (Vasilieva) thinks that Bachelor's Degree is merely incomplete higher education.  

Finally! This stupid and baneful European gradation of "degrees" came to post-Soviet Russia on the heels of devastating "reforms" of by a bunch of creeps in power in 1990s. It had a disastrous influence on Russia's always very impressive higher education. Yet, leading Russia's universities, such as the cradle of Russia's (and world's) space program, nuclear power and weapons, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MGTU), among many others, still maintains the program of Specialitet (Specialist). Take a look:
Specialist Ed is highlighted in Yellow.
Now, let us define what Specilaist is: 
Специалитет — это традиционный для России уровень высшего образования, подразумевающий пятилетнее обучение. Выпускнику присваивается степень «специалист» и выдается государственный диплом о высшем профессиональном образовании. В связи с переходом в 2011 году на государственные образовательные стандарты III поколения и присоединении России к Болонской декларации осуществлен переход на двухуровневую систему образования: бакалавриат (1 уровень высшего профессионального образования) и магистратура (2 уровень высшего профессионального образования). В рамках специалитета были специальности и специализации, а в рамках бакалавриата — направления и профили.     
Translation: Specialist, is a traditional for Russia (and USSR, I may add) level of higher education implying 5 year long study. The graduate is granted degree of Specialist and receives diploma (degree) of Higher Professional Education. In 2011 due to the transfer to the educational standards of the III  generation and Russia joining Bologna declaration and transferring to two-tier system of education: Bachelor's (1st level of higher professional education) and Master's (2nd  level of higher professional education). Within the framework of Specialist type education, specialties and specializations do exist, within Bachelor's--only general directions and profiles. 

Confusing? Hell, yes. Now let me explain what five-year long higher education was in USSR. In reality it was 6 academic years long due to Soviet military academies studying full day on every Saturday, with the exception of holidays. Calculate the number  of the work weeks for each of the five years? Right--additional year of education. Here comes another thing in modern Russia, people with B.S. (Bachelor's) in engineering, as an example, are viewed in very many places as nedouchki (not fully educated people). I happen to agree with such harsh assessment. In STEM, to become a good level professional roughly 50 weeks x 4 years= 200 weeks, and 50 x 6 years= 300 weeks (all very roughly) in case of specialist or, for that matter, Master, compare very unfavorably. I am, of course, not talking about humanities. A remarkable comment to the news of Putin and Vasilieva effectively putting this stupid two tier system down as, pardon my French, complete crap and hinting on return to good ol' superb Soviet professional Specialist education reads like this:
          И кому-то понадобилось 25 лет, чтобы это понять...   
Translation:  It took somebody 25 years to finally figure this out...

Here comes second important notion--Russian and Western STEM higher educations are simply NOT-compatible on a fundamental level because even today, after disastrous "reforms" of 1990s, kids in Russia (I am not even talking about USSR) who aspire for STEM higher education receive in public school the volume of instruction in math, physics, chemistry or geography to name a few subjects, which is beyond the grasp of most Western schools, including elite private ones. This was even more true in Soviet times where average Soviet school graduate received three times more instruction in math, physics, chemistry and biology than it was stipulated for the entrance to MIT. Not to mention the fact that institutions of such level as Bauman's MGTU, Moscow State University, Novosibirsk SU etc. still retain own ENTRANCE exams beyond the required scores at standardized school exams known as EGE. Here is a typical problem in Physics (1 level of priority) at the entrance exams, that is upon graduation from public school, to MGTU. 
Translation: the bubble of gas  with the diameter d has occurred at the bottom of the pond. During ascent to the surface its diameter increased n-times. Find the depth of this pond in this place. Atmospheric pressure Po, coefficient of surface tension (lower case sigma) and water's density p (rho) to be considered known. During the expansion gas temperature remains constant. 

Here is the solution:
A typical problem for a school graduate. Requirements for entrance to MIT you can see here. While tests for Physics you may see here--as expected from College Board.  In fact, you are not even required to take Physics exam, you can take Biology instead. Wanna know what Math 1 stands for? Browse MIT site. Hell, while at it go to Math 2 also, and why not. The point? The point is that students who have to solve trigonometric equations like this by the 10th grade:
an extremely easy equation based on basic identities and quadratic substitutions, will have very little difficulty after going though hell of physics-math-language entrance exams getting to serious calculus and differential equations, not to mention mechanics and, eventually, weapons' and industrial design.  And that is the only thing that matters--HOW hard it is for future elite to go through this academic survival course. In my case add here nightmarish conditions of a brutal military regimen, especially the boot (and especially in Baku in Summer) and combination of simply unrelenting pressure of academics combined with an incessant sleep deprivation, hunger and necessity to carry out military duties ranging from duties in company quarters to actual guard duties of naval academy arsenal and classified facilities. If you survived the first year (many didn't), our company shrank in 1980 from 4 platoons and roughly 125 cadets to 3 platoons of about 90 cadets. The same trend was in other new companies--washouts numbered in many dozens. Symptomatically the first year of academy is called Guilty Without Guilt (Bez Viny Vinovatye) after Alexander Ostrovsky's famous play. As the senior (starshina) of our company in 1980, then himself a cadet of the 4th year (a normal practice of appointment of senior cadets to command 1st-2nd year companies, assistant to officers in charge. used to say--you will be like that until you stop shitting with home made pies, then, maybe something will come out of you....Damn he was right. It begins to dawn on you once you enter the world of serious military technology and weapons, and people who use them--that is a cultural shock. 

To Be Continued....

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Total Recall-1.

I, as promised earlier (you can find this exchange on education and professionalism in one of the recent threads), begin to address some issues related to military-political analysis as a function of fundamental education and experiences. I want to stress, as I think Tom Verso may have misconstrued my point (and I apologize if I came across as a jerk--in real life I am just an average run-of-the-mill ass-hole, but not a jerk) about humanities as a sweeping generalization about the filed and as me being totally against humanities field. I am not. In fact, as I stressed many times--no truly educated man or woman are possible without rigorous training in philosophy, political economy, history and classic arts. That goes without saying, what also goes without saying is this, I quote myself from my latest book:
It was Socrates, via Plato’s Republic, who came up with the prescription which would, in his mind, make life better for all:
Until, then, kings are philosophers, or philosophers are kings, cities will never cease from ill: no, nor the human race; nor will our ideal polity ever come into being.
Socrates’ idea, formed in the times of sail and wars fought with swords, shields and spears, seemed reasonable since philosophers and intellectuals of the era had little problem grasping the essence of warfare, the marketplace and industry as it existed 2,400 years back. Any inquisitive mind then could learn a great deal about different manifestations of human activity given that it was greatly limited by the primitive conditions of the time. Philosophers could build and lead armies then, they also could be kings or Caesars, such as Marcus Aurelius who definitely satisfied Socrates’ desire to see a philosopher as a king and vice-versa. Today things have changed dramatically—the modern world is filled with philosophers and their other contemporary iterations such as political scientists, sociologists or even economists, yet their grasp of the modern world is growing weaker and very few of them are capable to grasp all the complexity of the ongoing processes of this increasingly puzzling modern humanity. In fact, increasingly what used to be philosophy’s prerogative—finding the answers to life’s most complex questions by reasoning on the basis of abstractions and principles—cannot be done anymore. It was possible to assert this prerogative in the times of sword and sail, but in the times of space travel, neural networks, instant propagation of information and robots, something else entirely is needed and mere appeal to well-learned philosophical wisdom is not enough. Reasoning can no longer be based on broad generalizations only. In fact, uninformed reasoning can, and often does, lead to unexpected and not always benign results. In the modern world saturated, if not altogether overwhelmed with data, one has to have at least some rudimentary tools which allow one to filter, systematize and analyze this data. Philosophy and political science simply do not provide viable tools for that—the reason being rather simple: most modern philosophers, political scientists and other representatives of what came to be known as the field of humanities are not educated in the field of modern technology.
As you can see, I merely underscore the lack of tools which are required for sound analysis (and synthesis) of the issue central, even more than any time in the past, of global power balance as a function of  military, technological and economic potentials of geopolitical players. I would say even more--no one without good training in humanities field will be able to pass sound judgement on this crucial issue. But this is just a necessary condition, but it is not a sufficient one. Something else is required. This something else is a key to unlocking the secrets of this balance--what is generally known in the Wests as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). One simply cannot pass a judgement on modern tactical and operational matters without having a profound background and training in STEM. Real modern military, starting from WW II, is literally driven by STEM in its every manifestation and that imposes an enormously high and rigid requirements on modern military professionals who see themselves slightly more than mere automatons designed for carrying out orders--this doesn't work like this, in fact, it never did. The requirements for a genuine military analysts are even higher.

Here is a simple example. This is how C4ISR looked in the times of Admiral Nelson and Trafalgar Battle:
 And this: 
This, however, is how things started to change by early to mid-20th century. This is how Mark 63 Fire Control System, among many other similar fire control systems around the globe, began to look like by 1950s. 
By the end of 1950s fundamentals in guided missiles looked like that. Granted this 1972 version is based on classic 1957 Guided Missiles Fundamentals by the Department of Air Force. I have an  paper version in immaculate conditions of this superb book (thanks for garage sales) which is a superb textbook on physics as applied to rocketry. And suddenly this:
And this: 
And this: 
Among very many things, become one and the same--a modern warfare. And that is whole other science rooted in complex physics, higher mathematics, dynamics, radio-electronics and the list goes on and on, and on. Now, here is the issue with me personally. As I already stated not for once, I was quite happy to forget all this military science staff, together with my specialty and experiences, if not for damn politics and a catastrophe which unfolded with the US foreign policy which was shaped by people so removed from the state's main power tool--its military--that we could at the end of 2014, after Crimea returning back to Russia, with real hot war. This catastrophic mistake would have been made by utterly incompetent people in Obama Administration, people who have zero understanding (it is expected from people with degrees in political "science" and law) of the warfare and how wars are fought. I was forced to enter my Total Recall phase, abandoning my passive posture with some trolling posts on different fanboys discussion boards. By 2014 it was clear to me that one cannot continue with playing preposterous game of American foreign policy and pseudo-military (largely Hollywood-driven) semantics and has to try to explain to lay people that what they know about real war through mostly American media and so called "experts" is a caricature totally removed from reality. 

I should start with pointing out some huge, dramatic really, differences in approaches to higher military education in the USSR/Russia and the United States. I do go over this somewhat in my first book, but often people in the West, and even Russia, still cannot grasp the intensity of the STEM training to which most command-engineering officer cadres were and are subjected in Russia. And I do propose that without serious precise sciences background, not to mention military one, any talk about contemporary geopolitical balance shift becomes absolutely useless since lacks professional understanding of the main factor which drives it--modern military power. It is one thing to know force structure, totally another knowing or predicting how this force will perform. And that is how I began my total recall.  

To Be Continued....      

Stephen Cohen Is Late. We Are Past The Turning Point.

I stumbled recently on Stephen Cohen's good and sensible interview to The Grayzone. It is an interview of a competent Russia scholar who does know subject but the core, the central point of this interview is not just about outright imbecility of American "elites", such as ignoramus Strobe Talbott (surprisingly a student of Isaiah Berlin who abhorred Talbott's policies towards Russia in 1990s), but the main point, correctly emphasized by Cohen, starts at a minute 18. 

If Russia is the West? Was Russia pushed away by the West to eventually form alliance with China? Here is the problem--the interview is dated by 24 September this year. If you may recall, a week after that Putin drops a bomb--Russia helps China to build her own Missile Attack Early warning System (SPRN). As I already stated then, this stunning and unprecedented fact throws all Western views, not that they ever were reality-based, on Russia-China arrangements in a total disarray not only by he fact of a demonstration of Russia's military-technological superiority once one considers what such a system actually is, but in terms of the mutual status of Russia and China in this duopoly. That blew, as I stated not for once, Western wet dreams of Russia being a "junior" partner in such a de facto alliance out of the water

But building China's SPRN is the most telling sign of Russia making her civilizational choice and moving away from the West. One does not build only the third system of this power and capability in the world without a full commitment to a full fledged alliance. This, plus, of course, Russia having a vested interest in China having such a system for the sake of averting a possible war between the United States and China with Russia not being able to sit this one out. In essence, Russia defends herself by defending China this way. That's alliance, my friends, in substance, if not form. It was, in the end, West's, not Russia's choice and it is true today--Russia is not West, not modern nominal West anyway, and she, it seems, is back on her very own and unique civilizational journey, the final frontier of which is probably not even on this planet.  We are past the turning point. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Friday, November 1, 2019

Whistle While You Work...

In the CIA or in the White House. Evidently, if to believe media frenzy, the name of the so called "whistle blower" against Trump is 33 years old Eric Ciaramella, whose profile nails him directly as a snitch to the Brennan's cabal of putchists who continue to rape Constitution and eradicate the last remnants of the Republic, turning it into the Third World shithole mafia state.   
OK, that clarifies it somewhat but this is not what is truly interesting about this CIA "analyst" who, at this moment still may or may not be a blowjo...pardon me, whistle-blower for Adan Schiff and his collection of treasonous operatives. No. The thing which catches one's attention who have at least some serious military or intelligence background is this:
Ciaramella grew up in Prospect, Connecticut, as one of three children. He spent time attending Woodland Regional High School in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, and then graduated from Chase Collegiate School, in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 2004, according to the prep school’s alumni magazine. After high school, Ciaramella attended Yale University, graduating in 2008 as a Russian and East European studies major. In 2007, he was awarded a grant by the Yale Macmillan Center for European Union Studies to “research on the perceptions of the EU among rural Italian residents.” While at Yale, Ciaramella, who speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic, led a protest over the departure of an Arabic department professor, according to the Yale Daily News. The student newspaper wrote, “Students convened outside Silliman at 9 a.m., all dressed in white to symbolize their future goal of bridging the gap between the United States and the Middle East through the use of the Arab language, said Eric Ciaramella ’08, one of the students who led the protest.” Ciaramella also studied at Harvard University, focusing on Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, according to the school’s website. He received a grant in 2009 for research on “Language in the Public Sphere in Three Post-Soviet Capital Cities,” Tbilisi, Georgia; Yerevan, Armenia; Baku, Azerbaijan. Ciaramella was additionally a corresponding author for Harvard’s Department of Linguistics and wrote a paper in 2015 titled, “Structural ambiguity in the Georgian verbal noun.”Ciaramella worked at the World Bank after college, according to a 2011 publication by the international financial institution. In the World Bank report, “Russia: Reshaping Economic Geography,” published in June 2011, Ciaramella is listed in the acknowledgments for making “important contributions” to the research. On a now-deleted Linkedin profile, he described himself as being a “Consultant, Poverty Reduction/Economic Management” at World Bank.
Ah, that's warmer. And it is an Exhibit A of a main reason why the United States finds itself where it is today and why current American so called "elites" cannot find their own ass with both hands in a brightly lit room. One is bound to struggle with own ass finding when having background such as Ciaramella's, and his background with slight deviations within narrow confines of humanities education, from Law to Political "Science", is a background of the overwhelming majority of people who "shape" US policies both domestically and abroad. Ciaramella is a classic product of the US Ivy League degree mills for good ol' boys and girls and, as is expected, possesses zero required instruments for serious foreign policy analysis in which power factor is at the center of an issue and it is beyond, wrong as they are, so called modelling and methodology used in the US for studying this issue--a body of absolutely overwhelming evidence of utter and humiliating, I may add, failure of American institutions dealing with country studies. No bigger evidence exists than a wasteland of Russia Studies field in the United States. 

If you think that a person who does such research as this “Structural ambiguity in the Georgian verbal noun” is a serious analyst, I have a bridge to sell. Knowing language is just a first step in knowing cultures and nations. The idea that some barely 30 years old kid can have a profound understanding of factors forming geopolitical balance by merely studying language or working in the Wold Bank is preposterous. It is not even the issue of IQ-driven so called intelligence metric. I met many people with IQ through the roof and some of them were one of the most impressive dumbfvcks I ever encountered in my life. The issue here is deeper--you literally have brainwashed political operatives, most of them not even book-smart, who are excreted every year from the American "humanities" programs who have "credentials" but have zero actual serious skills which are imperative for a serious statesmanship. They simply do not teach this in the US, nor can it be changed because the whole machine of the US "humanities" education pulsates between two extremes: one is of a complete deconstruction of the American history and culture into one non-stop genocide by whites of everyone else or, on the other extreme, utterly delusional exceptionalist shining city on the hill narrative with latter being as false as the former one. Few common sense and objective views which exist in between are pure coincidence which are there despite a totally corrupt educational system in the US when dealing with humanities. 

That is why, US elites having "analysts" like Ciaramella will not get out of this rut because the only thing they can reproduce are such specimens as this guy perfectly honed for one thing--to exist in the self-contained system of corruption, treachery, snitching, dirty intrigue and delusion, also known as American political system. In this case, forestalling any undeniably upcoming claims from these types of guys about their "honor", duty to a country or "democracy" it should be made patently clear that they have none, other than personal and narrow political interests and ambitions attached to a destruction of America which, at least nominally, was so far known as a land of laws and of the Constitution and which it is no more.   

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Zircon Will Be Deployed.

It is this phrase by Putin at 1:15 in Rossiya report from the newest Project 20385 Corvette which made a a splash in Russia and not only, I would say.

So, will Gremyaschiy be the first corvette with 3M22 Zircon? I stress it--corvette, not frigate. We know Project 22350 Frigates of Gorshkov-class will have Zircons as a main (together with 3M14 SLAMs)  strike weapon. But this is a revelation of sorts and it is not about 3C14 UKSK (VLS) common for both frigates and corvettes, it is the fact that 3M22 is coming into IOC pretty soon. Indeed, Kazan is planned for underwater launch of Zircon sometime early next year, which is literally, beyond the corner. As per how this M=8+ missile is going to change naval warfare I wrote not for once.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I Couldn't Miss This.

As a father of two, as a long time tutor-teacher to many wonderful kids in the United States and on whose life, I know, I had a positive influence--I know, I have them writing and thanking me for what I did for them--it was impossible to miss. My blood boils, when I see and read this. 
We now find ourselves amidst an epidemic of perversion as disturbing content is shared far and wide by today’s major media. One of the most distressing subjects is the sexualization of children. From gaming websites to news organizations, children are now props in a war on decency. Just last December, Desmond, an 11-year-old boy who has been described by Good Morning America as “trailblazing,” twirled around on stage in female attire as men whooped and hollered and threw money his way. That isn’t a one-off instance. Throughout the past couple of years, other similar incidents have begun to stack up. A 10-year-old drag queen named Lactatia released a photo earlier this year that showed him smiling as he stood next to a naked 27-year-old man. Another photo from the same shoot shows the young boy spreading his legs wide on a couch wearing a black dress and fishnet stockings.
This either stops or it will end really bad. Destroying childhood with lowest of the low perversion, pushing for normalization of pedophilia--this is what contemporary West has become. Once sexual deviance has become a norm it was inevitable that the West is on its way to oblivion. 

Just few days ago, West's "favorite" Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky died. In an ironic twist he died being already in the rank of pedophile who had thousands of pornographic images of children on his computer. He, of course, blamed Russia's intelligence for "uploading" them on his PC. Yet, he always did fit the type. It was almost a non-event when those images were found on his PC. It is not surprising really that many of the Soviet/Russian "dissidents" had (or have) some form of perversion oozing through them. No wonder many wanted to immigrate to the West--they knew. Today, we are facing an attack on a fundamental value of civilization--taboo on harming children sexually. As author of the piece at RT concludes:
At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Western values and societal norms are being tarnished from within. Behaviors once rightfully looked down and spat upon are becoming increasingly common; a feat accomplished due to a media accomplice that praises such actions as progressive. But what they highlight as liberation from gender stereotypes and norms has turned into nothing more than a grotesque parody of what we were always warned would occur. In the ‘90s, a common argument in opposition to gay marriage was that it was a slippery slope. The logic went that if men could marry men, and women marry women, it’d lead to polyamory, bestiality, pedophilia, and every other ill the human mind can devise. As an LGBT individual myself, I heavily disagreed. I still do. Although, these days it’s become an increasingly unstable platform to support. 
At least it is good that this "instability" is being acknowledged--it is a slippery slope into something that leads to hell. After all, it is so cute to marry one's own horse. At least it is not a bicycle, yet. I don't know should we "celebrate" this? The West either rises against this crime against innocents, while it still has a chance, or it is done completely and it is a lost cause and we can say confidently: good riddance.