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Friday, May 17, 2019

Yasenka, AKA Yaroslava Degtyaryova.

That is how this magnificent child is known in Russia. She.... Well, here is what she was up against the Children Voice in 2016. She had to sing a song from before, probably, her parents were born. One of the greatest Soviet comedies made after Mikhail Bulgakov's Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession (aka Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future, ahem) Here is the video from 1973, in short--I was young. Like really-really young.
So, forty plus years later a kid has to top a cult Soviet music and film classic. So she goes to stage and...well, she kills it. 

In general, all those Voice contests are a complete BS, but they do get us closer to real talent. So Yasya (Yasenka) does Kukushka (while Son of a Bitch drummer tries to take away her thunder) and she delivers on live radio (we need more cow bell;-))

This song (Ballad of Three Sons) requires translation. But, what can I say, if Russian Prime Minister's wife is ecstatic (Medvedev is sleeping, as always, most likely), that should be considered strongly since it is a celebration of a Love, Family and Commitment in ancient Russian city of Murom.

But she opened with another Russian miracle, Valentina Biryukova, with Stork on The Roof. People in Russia call her God's gift. I am no believer but this child is touched...

Stork on the roof--peace on Earth.... It is Friday.

Ha, Somebody Actually Does Their Job.

Interesting. CBS decided to do what normal media are supposed to be doing and actually interviewed Iran's Ambassador to the United States. What do ya know. 

Obviously an important step--to give a voice to Iranian side. Surprising, but good. 

Daniel Larison who I quote a lot lately notes:
Yes, this is the only way to conduct business, especially since Trump is now on record with his not really wanting war with Iran. Of course, Trump lacks understanding that his attempts of good cop-bad cop BS or "better deals" peculiar modes of negotiations do not impress people on the international arena. People who run large and important countries with huge history, such as Iran, they do their due diligence and study issues which define international relations. In other words, what works in shady New York real estate business absolutely doesn't work in global affairs. So, Trump needs to understand that the more he and his administration behave like this, the less his word or promises, hollow as they are already now, will weight. He must understand a simple thing: countries such as Iran, not to mention Russia or China are long ago inside America's OODA Loop and forestall the United States at every step on every turn. 

Here is Putin talking to his Austrian counter-parts in Sochi and he is very clear, actually, on Russia's role in this whole situation. The question-statement by Russian reporter about Russian-Austrian dialogue being very different (in positive way) from Russian-European one is indicative of how Russia views Europe today. 

By Putin's demeanor it is clear that he, frankly, is tired of telling Europeans (not Austrians in this particular instance) about obvious things. While dropping a little teeny-weeny bomblet today:
Russian leader Vladimir Putin says that laser technology will play a crucial role in the nation’s military might as he spoke about the “first practical results” of the country’s Peresvet combat laser system.Putin highlighted the importance of developing laser technology, including the “tactical-level combat laser complexes,” at a defense-themed cabinet meeting on Friday.
This probably explains Putin's earlier (May 13) statement about anti-hyper-sonic defenses, which apart from S-500 capable of dealing with some types of hypersonic weapons, will be based primarily around laser and whatever the hell other "death-ray" technologies. Putin never states anything without having a complete grasp of the issue related to Russia's security. So, make your guesses (or bets)--how long will it be before Russia unveils another weapon system capable to deal with perspective US hyper-sonic weapons, which, judging by Defense Budget Proposal 2020 will be primarily built around now lavishly financed good ol' Prompt Global Strike (GPS) program. I don't think the United States is near any real truly hyper-sonic anti-shipping missile--for that there are reasons of history and institutional culture, but that is a separate topic in itself. So, as you can see--a very eventful week. I need a drink, honestly.    

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Oh Boy, Now--Democratic Gas!

If Freedom (Liberty) Fries weren't enough, now, it is, evidently, natural gas which must be democratic. You know, in the same vein as pluralistic liberal oil from ever free multi-party Saudi Arabia, where the US buys portions of her energy supplies. So, just judge for yourself:

In general, one has to call on Sergei Lavrov, since Sir Patrick Stewart is not enough in this case:

As Andrei Raevsky (The Saker) astutely observed today:
Yes, can you imagine, even 28 years ago the United States was still able to produce true statesmen. Boy, is it me or the time flies fast?  

P.S. I liked the guy from AfD, smart and a troll of 80th level. Germany needs people like him. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

As Was Predicted.

By me (sorry, can I get a credit for some shit at least once in a while?), the whole fuss is about this: 
Translation: US Government considers new Russian missile complexes Sarmat and Avangard to be covered by the START Treaty, That was stated on Wednesday by Deputy Secretary of the State for arms control and international security Andrea Thompson. 

In more detail is here:
Well, well, well, what do ya know. It took only a year, within which the United States finally understood ramifications of the new weapon systems. State Department could have saved a lot of time and money should they have read my books and warning I issued on March 5, 2018.
Never in modern history had a geopolitical balance shifted so dramatically in such a short time as it happened  on March 1, 2018, with Russia leading what became a REAL Revolution in Military Affairs. I cannot stop stressing two things:

1. Hyper-sonic weapons Russia presented are not Wunderwaffe but they are perilously (for the United States) close to it;

2. Now Putin (yesterday) launches new program on anti-hyper-sonic defense, plus Russia continues to roll out some mind-boggling systems such as EW complexes and now signs contract for first 76 SU-57s (Just in case)

So, who knows what is coming after, say, such systems as S-500. But one thing is absolutely clear--the United States will do its utmost, including by means of "improving relations", or rather imitation of such improvement, in its futile attempts to slow down an ever widening technological gap which drives modern geopolitical realignment and return of Russia to the global stage as a superpower. US will try to put new existing and upcoming weapons systems under the limitations of all kinds of treaties but, if the US wants to taste own medicine, it should go back to 2002 to unilateral abrogation of 1972 ABM Treaty and the way Russia literally begged to preserve it. We know the rest of the story. Now, one in his own mind, must ask a simple question--will Russia repeat, as did Soviet Union, a suicidal and self-humiliating rejection of own national interests in a delusional pursuit of acceptance to the combined West, especially when having a decisive conventional and nuclear advantage over the United States? Well, I think we all know the answer. As I stated in conclusion then:
If warnings and the demonstration of Russian military-technological superiority will have an effect, as was the Russian intent from the beginning, some sensible conversation on the new world order may start between key geopolitical players. The world cannot afford any more a pretentious, self-aggrandizing and hollow bully which knows not what it does and threatens the world’s stability and peace. American self-proclaimed hegemony is over where it really matters for any real and perceived hegemon—the military field. It was over for some time now, it just took Putin’s speech to demonstrate the good old Al Capone truism that one can get much further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone. After all, Russia did try a kind word alone, it didn’t work and the United States has only itself to blame.
P.S. I knew that Kinzhal was immediate game-changer.  

Ohh, Goody...

Ok, delusional--I get it. But this guy who did two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq evidently learned zero there, I mean real war--not "triumphant" COIN in those countries. The guy is a lawyer by education and a darling of a "patriotic" media in US. He has issues with real operations and strategy (it is expected from people with "degree" in Law and Government) and assessing, at least, the size of force required to actually win, that is to say occupy Iran. Hence:
US Republican Senator Tom Cotton is facing severe criticism from the public after bombastically claiming that the US would win a war against Iran in just “two strikes.”While speaking to Margaret Hoover for the aptly named show ‘Firing Line,’ the Arkansas senator said a war with Iran would not drag on for decades like the failed war with its neighbor, Iraq. Instead, he claimed it would end after the “first strike and last strike.”
Judging by the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran war will be a "cakewalk", yes, yes--I would love to see Mr.Cotton, who accidentally is a US GOP Senator, "lead" some formation (will he plan operation?) against "defeated" Iran forces say in Mazandaran or Talysh Mountains. While planning for it, Cotton may take a look at Google maps and review Iran's terrain, you know--to get an impression on how he, Cotton, will fight in a country with 80 million population and fairly competent armed forces, not to mention, I am sure, a partizan (COIN) war which will be unleashed in Iran against the invaders, which would make Afghanistan a relaxed stroll in the park in comparison. Of course, there is always the Air War, that is bombing Iran from the air but this too will create such a global shitstorm that I do not even want to contemplate it now. 
Now, back to this possible land war in Iran. I hear all the time--but what about Russia. Well, Russia will not allow the United States to enter Russia's Caspian underbelly, unless Russia is ready to provide for the United States a Vietnam 2.0 (probably worse) and she is ready to do so if push comes to shove. People somehow miss this obvious fact that getting the United States into the death trap of Iran's ground war, with Russia having all necessary lines of communications opened through Azerbaijan and Caspian Sea to resupply Iranian resistance if the United States decides to sign a death sentence to herself, will be able to make such a war a nightmare. This, of course, if such a war is unleashed. Bolton, certainly, dreams about it. Here is Colonel Wilkerson explaining who people in current Administration are, especially Bolton:
Cotton is made of the same human material as Bolton or Pompeo, and that means he is incompetent. In the end, Russia will, as always, exercise and exhaust all diplomatic options first to diffuse situation and to prevent the war. If, however, the war starts, and it may, considering already not very healthy state of the American economy and society, throw the United States into a massive turmoil, Russia will make sure that Iran has instruments for defending its sovereignty. After all, it is in Russia's own interests too. In this case, Russia will engage. And then, of course, there is an issue of Azerbaijan and a large Azeri population of Iran--three times larger than that of Azerbaijan proper. 

In general, Mr. Cotton, speaks about the area he has no clue about in any political, geographic, military or cultural senses but that is what American "elite" today is--a collection of militant ignoramuses. As Larry Wilkerson describes his conflict with Bolton, as mustached coward told Wilkerson: "I do policy, you do war." How the draft dodger and lawyer can do military policy is a mystery behind seven locks, but my suggestion to Cotton (I am sure it is within his power)--to stop talking on subjects he has no clue about, forget about whatever he remembers from Iraq and Afghanistan, and try to enroll into some REAL military history courses in US Army War College and maybe attend Leavenworth, US Army Command and General Staff College--to pick up few professional facts about possible combined arms operations in Iran. I know, I know--a very long shot--but hope springs eternal.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Darwin Award?

I am highly sympathetic to Marina Butina whose fate is a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time while being completely naive. What was done to her is a stain on US Themis, which loves to pride itself as being the best in the world. But this case--how dumb one has to be to get himself into trouble like this?
A Utah court has arrested a Russian citizen for conspiring against the US by buying F-16 manuals on eBay. The man insists he needed these and other files, like those for F-35s, to develop an ultra-realistic fighter jet simulator.The Russian, identified as Oleg Tishchenko in court documents including the previously filed affidavit for extradition, is said to have taken to eBay in 2011 in a quest to buy actual flight manuals for the F-16A/B. The documents could not be shipped directly to Russia because the seller did not allow for sending items abroad, so the man asked members of the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) game forum for help. A forum member in Texas eventually agreed to send the docs to Moscow, which he did later that year.While the sender said he didn’t see any materials marked as classified and was assured the texts were obsolete, the mailing still broke the arms exports laws as combat systems manuals are included in the US munitions list and require export licenses for shipment overseas. Tishchenko was charged back in 2016 but was eventually arrested only this year when he travelled to Georgia, a post-Soviet country that extradited him to the US. The charges include “conspiring against the United States, smuggling and violating the Arms Export Control Act.”
First: Dude, if you buy F-16, even if for earlier models, flight manuals you have to be already alert to the fact that those aircraft are still flying after upgrades and any combat ready equipment's manuals are at best grey zone, at worst--don't touch it. He did. But then the Darwin Award behavior begins;
Second: He travels to Georgia (as in former USSR republic)--the "country" whose ass Russian Army handed to them in 2008 while Georgia remains vehemently Russophobic and tries to whore herself out to the United States. Guess what? He gets extradited to the US. Duh. But if that wasn't enough, the imbecile does this;
Third: Get this:
“We need it in our work,” Tishchenko said, according to the affidavit. “I’d like to get some maintenance manuals for the F-16C related to avionics. Actually, maintenance manuals for any jets, including the A-10.” Curiously, it is claimed that Tishchenko “also informed [the agent] that he would like to acquire F-35 and F-22 flight manuals” while promising that they “would not be provided to any third persons, and I think even not shown to anyone in our company.”

What can I say: are there any maturity tests for people who develop those computer games? Just in case, knowing several programming languages does not make one bright or capable of living in a reality-based community. But I am 100% positive, after Tishchenko promised (I cross my heart and hope to die) emphatically to undercover agent not to show F-35 or F-22 manuals to anyone, I don't know how that undercover dude could keep his face straight. Putting America's Russian paranoia aside, I hope this experience will teach Tishchenko to mind his own business and never visit this shithole of a country Georgia ever again, not to mention leaving the business of getting F-22 and F-35 manuals to professionals in clandestine operations, as it is normally done everywhere. Keeping one's mouth shut is also a good idea. Unlike Butina's case, however, I think there is some "meat" to Tishchenko's case and he may only hope of getting some kind of plea-bargain. It is obvious that the guy is clueless and most likely had no sinister intentions at all, that is wanted to just use manuals for games, but he, certainly, takes a Darwin Award home, or will take it, once, hopefully relatively soon, he is released from American penitentiary. 

Europe, Enjoy;-))

In yet another sign of Washington getting its partners (vassals) in order (going completely off the rails)--some funny news from El Pais.  
Más gasto en armamento, sí. Pero independencia estratégica, no. Estados Unidos ha advertido por escrito a la Unión Europea de que sus planes actuales de defensa están poniendo en peligro décadas de integración de la industria de defensa transatlántica y de cooperación militar a través de la OTAN. La misiva, fechada el pasado 1 de mayo y a la que ha tenido acceso EL PAÍS, llega cargada de amenazas, más o menos veladas, de posibles represalias políticas y comerciales si Bruselas mantiene su intención de desarrollar proyectos europeos de armamento sin apenas contar con países terceros, ni siquiera con EE UU. La diatriba del Departamento de Defensa contra los planes europeos agrava la tensión entre Europa y la Administración de Donald Trump cuando los ánimos ya estaban soliviantados por la negativa de Alemania y Reino Unido a impedir la participación de la empresa china Huawei en el desarrollo de la telefonía de quinta generación.
Translation (Google): More spending on weapons, yes. But strategic independence, no. The United States has warned in writing to the European Union that its current defense plans are endangering decades of integration of the transatlantic defense industry and military cooperation through NATO.The letter, dated on May 1 and which has been accessed by EL PAÍS, comes loaded with threats, more or less veiled, of possible political and commercial reprisals if Brussels maintains its intention to develop European armaments projects with hardly any countries. third parties, not even with the United States. The diatribe of the Department of Defense against the European plans aggravates the tension between Europe and the Administration of Donald Trump when the spirits were already soured by the refusal of Germany and the United Kingdom to prevent the participation of the Chinese company Huawei in the development of the telephony of fifth generation.

Well, I feel the pain, of course (not really;)) but, dear Europe, allow me to quote to you none other than Lord Ismay about the nature of NATO, which, in his words, was needed: "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down". Does anyone see here anything about "Democracy", defense or sovereignty? I don't see anything. Of course, those dumb Soviets who lost 27 million defending themselves from this very Europe (actually, since middle ages) never really cared about attacking NATO and wanted to be left alone, but, of course, Europeans are not that good with serious military-political analysis, especially when this "analysis" is controlled from Washington, but never mind. So, now is the time to reap what one sowed--Europe wanted "defense" from mythical Russian threat, so let Europe be "defended". 

What did they expect? That their "defender", who looked at them for 70 years as vassals is going, in the minute of its own decline, to think about welfare of Europeans? It is down right funny. No, I mean it--I know modern Western "elites" are dumb, but to be dumb that bad. Europe's purpose for the United States is three fold, it always was:

1. As a market for the American weapons and other goods;
2. A ram against historic Russia (USSR);
3. Theater of operations for a conflict with Russia with a caveat that US proper remains largely untouched.

Period. Yeah, yeah, I get it, visiting European stones and graves, and indulging in exquisite (not anymore) cuisine and art, is good, but this always was a bonus, nothing more, for Europe's American overlords. Now that US explicitly defined Europe's place as that of the American bitch (she always was), I don't see why Europeans should feel insulted. They better start learning their own REAL history of the 20th century and try to figure out how they ended up where they are today. Obviously, whoring out own sovereignty to someone who merely uses Europe (as a bitch) inevitably lead to this European "conclusions", from El Pais:
 The US Department of Defense warns that, in its view, the Fund's project and PESCO "represent a dramatic reversal after three decades of increasing integration of the transatlantic defense industry." Washington adds that "not only could the constructive relationship between NATO and the EU be damaged, but it could potentially revive the confrontational discussions that dominated 15 years ago our contacts on European defense initiatives." "We are facing a clear conflict of interests," says Luis Simón, director of the Office of the Elcano Royal Institute in Brussels and principal investigator of that center of studies. Simon recalls that "the American industry has a very strong presence in the European market." And that the US observes the first steps of European defense policy, however timid, as a potential threat to its dominance both in the European market and in third countries. But Donald Trump's government does not limit itself to expressing its complaints and reproaches harshly. The letter from Lord, a veteran of the armaments industry with more than 30 years of experience, also contains serious warnings and threats about the consequences that will be unleashed if Brussels goes ahead with its plans. "It is clear that if the US imposes similar reciprocal restrictions, it would not be welcomed by our European partners and allies," says the Undersecretary of Defense. "We would not like to have to consider it in the future," he warns. And remember the multi-million dollar impact that this decision could have on European companies in the sector. 
What can I say, Europe? Enjoy, you totally deserved it. Sorry, couldn't resist;-) 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mr. Pompeo Doesn't Go to Sochi and Moscow.

Alrighty, then. So Pompeo cancels his visit to Russia and rushes to Brussles to convince, to twist hands and threaten that is, US European "allies" that quitting the Iran Deal is a good thing. 
Obviously, Iran's "threats" are a normal reaction to very real threats and unilateral destruction of practical and working arrangements by the United States, but all this is merely a confirmation of a pattern of the US breaking her treaties' obligations and then blaming it on someone else. There is, of course, a personal issue here, with Trump destroying probably the only foreign policy success Obama Administration achieved in controlling Iran's nuclear program. Well, what do ya know--this one is dead. Per Europeans, they will be lined up and will do as ordered. 

Pompeo still will get to Sochi on Tuesday but Moscow is, actually, smiling (sarcastically, I may add) at these busy-body moves, especially when one considers a huge "success" Trump's trade wars are. 
I, honestly, do not even know how to comment on that. The only thing which comes to mind is the scene of "secret" meeting from 12 Chairs in Elena Stanislavovna's house, where Ostap Bender delivered one of the most important speeches in history of fraud:
“Citizens," said Ostap, opening the meeting, "life dictates its own laws, 
its own cruel laws. I am not going to talk about the aim of our gathering-you 
all know it. Our aim is sacred. From everywhere we hear cries. From every 
corner of our huge country people are calling for help. We must extend a 
helping hand and we will do so. Some of you have work and eat bread and 
butter; others earn on the side and eat caviar sandwiches. All of you sleep in
 your own beds and wrap yourselves in warm blankets. It is only the young 
children, the waifs and strays, who are not looked after. These flowers of the 
street, or, as the white-collar proletarians call them, 'flowers in asphalt', 
deserve a better lot. We must help them, gentlemen of the jury, and, gentlemen
of the jury, we will do so."  
   The smooth operator's speech caused different reactions among the 
Polesov could not understand his young friend, the guards officer. 
"What children?" he wondered. "Why children?"

The similarity is uncanny, to put it mildly. Especially when one considers what is not really reported in US media--the fact that China is not really backing down. She still may, of course, at some point of time but so far--no cigar.
Beijing has retaliated against Washington’s recent tariffs by imposing export levies targeting $60 billion worth of US goods, effective June 1, China’s Ministry of Finance announced on Monday.The tariff hike of up to 25 percent will affect more than 5,000 items imported from the US to China.The step comes in response to the latest hike of export duties the Trump administration implemented on billions of dollars worth of Chinese products. Last week, the White House increased American tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent from 10 percent, previously.
I am damn sure Kremlin is enjoying the show. While Daniel Larison reformulated the Newton's Third Law: ‘Maximum Pressure’ Provokes Unyielding Resistance. As Larison writes about Iran specifically, it applies equally to everyone.
A new generation that experienced neither revolution nor war is forced to endure an economic war being waged upon them for no good reason. That cannot help but inspire feelings of resentment against the foreign government doing these things to them and greater willingness to support their own government. Any nation would react to unwarranted bullying with resistance, and the same goes for Iranians in spades. Vaez refers to a famous 16th century defeat of the Safavids by the Ottomans at Chaldiran (1514) as an example of how Iranians have remembered a crushing defeat as proof of courageous defiance. Many nations have similar interpretations of their great military losses. The point of reimagining these defeats as something more than a loss is to emphasize the survival and defiance in the face of greater power. To survive in the face of the determined animosity of the world’s sole superpower is itself a kind of victory, and that is why the Iranian government won’t give in.
There is, of course, one teeny-weeny issue with Larison's statement--the United States is long ago not "world's sole superpower", but here Larison exhibits symptoms of strictly American ailment, of which I wrote two books and continue to write for years--lack of knowledge of the outside world and lack of self-awareness. Other than that, he is correct.    

UPDATE: Now, suddenly, Washington requests a summit--in accordance to Russia's very own uber-liberal Kommersant (in Russian) with high positioned people in State Dept. confirming such a request. So, Pompeo, most likely will focus on details of this summit while in Sochi on Tuesday. At issue--to discuss what? Trump needs Russia to deal with China, Russia is no go on that, period. Nobody in Russia, with the exception of mindless "liberals" believes in any Grand Bargain with the US, not to mention the fact that the moment for such a bargain is long in the past and is not worth even discussing. Exchange of pleasantries? Sure. This will do for an agenda. Russia is always open to talks, Russians hate confrontation, not to speak of war. But what will Trump do when Russia asks for this proverbial move: "Show me the money!" I reiterate, the United States doesn't have anymore a geopolitical currency to "buy" Russia--she is out of a price range for the US. If one thinks otherwise--take a look at Ukraine and Russia's dramatic change of posture, including her lack of any desire to pay for Ukrainian mess and being content with Donbass coming home. This is a geopolitical master stroke by Moscow by refusing to take on balance a hostile economic black hole which would drain Russia's resources. US and EU wanted Ukraine? They can have her with one caveat--no military bases, other than that let EU and the US pay for this mad house.   

UPDATE 2: Well, looks like Kommersant, yet again, soiled itself. Kremlin debunked their info about summit (in Russian) and stated that it didn't receive any request yet (in Russian). Ghee-whiz, dealing with Russian liberal news outlets is akin to dealing with US MSM--a lot of BS and fake news. As I said, I also cannot see what, other than some arms limitations issues, can Russia and US possibly substantively talk about?  

President Donald Trump has said he will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin at next month’s G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.Trump announced the pair of meetings to reporters in the Oval office on Monday afternoon.“I’ll be meeting with him directly, President Xi. Yes, I will be meeting with President Putin also,” he said. Earlier that morning, Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that Washington had requested a meeting with Putin, and was awaiting the Kremlin’s response. A Kremlin spokesman responded to Trump’s statement on Monday by saying no preparations were underway for such a meeting.
OK then. There are still 12 hours left per PST in this day.    

Friday, May 10, 2019

While The West...

Provides magnificent R&D in finding the n-th gender, Russians and Chinese do their own song competitions and Polina Gagarina, who became globally recognized for her excellent World Cup 2018 song: 

Well, this Russian beauty who also has a very good set of pipes went to China to sing some Russian rock classics (Kino and Tsoi anyone) and then some Russian simply classics.
Worth watching and listening, especially when Polina begins to sing in Chinese global Russian classics...

Yeah, I know, the beauty and talent do not require to bare it all and shake (or twerk, right?) ass. Just being talented. Yes, yes, woman can be sexy as hell while being completely dressed--what a concept! Well, and beautiful...and, of course, wonderful Chinese audience. Ahh, yes, forgot, it is Friday.