Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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Russian Navy, Mission Found?

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Countess Lopukhina?

She died at the age of 24, leaving one of the most stunning evidence of beauty and femininity in 18th Century Russia. 

What is remarkable, in late 1980s--early 1990 Svetlana Druzhinina decided to make a movie about adventures of Russian naval cadets (guarde-marines) in 18th Century Russia, not unlike those of Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas, which turned into a national (and international--UK ran it) movie phenomenon with an incredible music and it was Olga Mashnaya who stunned everyone with her uncanny similarity to Lopukhina, despite the fact that she was playing a serf-woman. But no matter, the stunning femininity of Mashnaya captured the imagination and, of course, was this blonde Armenian guy Dmitri Kharatyan in who about 30-40 million Soviet women fell in love with, LOL. Judge for yourself--1990s and 2016. 

And 30 years later. The girl is wonderful, but not Mashnaya. Kharatyan, in the same time, well, he barely ages...
Still nice, though.  Ah, yes, it is Friday.

Pompeo, WTF?

I am beginning to think that it is time to talk not only about incompetence of current US top echelon, but of its mental inadequacy.
WTF? But wait, it is all for stroking America's (so called) Christian Zionists, and CBN is exactly that, in preparation to Trump's illegal recognition of the Golan Heights as Israel's territory. 
It is down right fascinating (I don't use such terms as sad, pathetic, humiliating anymore) how Donald Trump turned, within a the first half of his tenure, into the most neocon and Israeli-controlled POTUS. Unprecedented. Forget about International Law and simply observe how Trump and his "family" goes out all the way to keep BiBi Netanyahu in power. Trump presidency is finished, it was for some time, the fact being hidden by self-aggrandizing and bellicose rhetoric, but fact is--Donald J. Trump is Israel's stooge and his current administration is a collection of Israel-first hacks. As Harper writes yesterday: 
While agreeing with him in principle I made one remark, however:
I would say that the cause is Trump himself. Real estate hasslers and hustlers do not make good statesmen and geopolitical and security thinkers.
Indeed, all this mess is of Trump's own making and for those who still have any illusions on some Trump's "strategy", here is the truth--there is none. Read what Larry Johnson has to say on this whole clusterfvck. There is no even pretense anymore of some "deep thought" or "competence"--it is a full blown panopticon.   

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stephen Cohen Makes A Slight Mistake.

When Dr. Stephen Cohen speaks, I listen. So, I read his latest piece on pathological neocon war-mongers (most of them draft-dodgers or humanities "professors" thousands miles away from theaters of operation) in RT. It is a good piece:
But then Doctor Cohen makes a slight mistake when states that:
But the preceding Cold War was driven by an intense ideological conflict between Soviet Communism and Western capitalism.
Here, we have to be very clear that on the West's (primarily Anglo-Saxon West) side this war was against historic Russia, not "communism" (grossly misunderstood and deliberately misinterpreted) and Russians. Hans Morgenthau was explicit in 1957, as were explicit American ideological doctrines that emphasized:
US problem was not with "communism", which was merely a propaganda cliche, it was with Russia and Russians as  such, as a nation.  It still is. It was and is the issue of precious bodily fluids from the get go, especially today between neocons and so called interventionist "elites". I totally get where Cohen comes from, I addressed this issue myself not for once--US "strategists" (let alone utterly corrupt media) are for the most part unqualified and not that well educated people, as last 20 years, or so, so manifestly demonstrated. The danger of these people such as Kagans, Petraeuses, or this mindless bimbo AOC is that these people are utterly unqualified for a statesmanship and, maybe with some caveat for such military "leader" as Petraeus, have no a faintest idea what real war is. So, I also have issues with calling such a pseudo-"thinker" as Robert Kagan, or coward John Bolton or anyone from this pool of ignoramuses running US foreign policy and military disasters, "warriors"--none of those people have any idea what being real warrior is and that too is a problem. As I stated not for once, I feel slightly more secure when I know that Dunford and Gerasimov talk to each-other--talking to Bolton or Pompeo is a waste of time. 

Today, observing an American wasteland of military and geopolitical thought which follows in step with complete political and ideological degeneration of the American state, one is forced to prepare for war which, in a current American case, could be unleashed by people who have no clue. 

P.S. I don't think that Dr. Cohen serves his noble cause well when references the name of Solzhenitsyn who played his, however small, role in helping to topple one of the versions of the historic Russia and maybe Dr. Cohen has to ask himself a question why the monument to this self-proclaimed "consciousness of Russia" in Moscow is under specifically setup 24/7 video surveillance. But that is a separate topic of Russian history and here I and Dr. Cohen may have different views altogether.     

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Not Really The News, Actually.

Just the confirmation of what everyone with a half-brain knew all along: 
The Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of Western countries asking Riyadh to help counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the Washington Post.Speaking to the paper, bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia's Western allies urged the country to invest in mosques and madrassas overseas during the Cold War, in an effort to prevent encroachment in Muslim countries by the Soviet Union.
Well, duh. What this "encroachment" really was no one knows but sure, let's call it that. Islamic radicalization of Fergana Valley and spread of Islamic militancy all along Soviet Middle Asian borders outside and inside in 1970s, obviously, do not count. Now, let Europe and, ahem, Minnesota (among few other places in US) enjoy the rich fruits of their activity in promoting Wahhabism and all those wonderful offsprings such as Al Qaeda, ISIS and Al Nusra, just to name a few. I think it is a healthy and long overdue process in reevaluating Soviet War in Afghanistan once one takes a look at the results of West's promoting the most radical, militant versions of Islamic religion knowing damn well that Islam, in the words of late Sam Huntington, "has bloody borders". Russia sure as hell knows this first hand.