Monday, December 31, 2018

You Can Read Me Now In US Naval Institute Blog.

Russian Navy, Mission Found?

You may read my new piece on some doctrine-technology issues in today's USNI Blog post. Link is below. 

Let's Try Q & A And Whatever Else Sticky Post

Here is the post which I will try to keep sticky for people to ask questions and share their thoughts which are not on topic. This, I think is known as Open Thread. Fire away.

You May Read Me on Unz Review Too.

1. I got my first piece published on Unz Review today, so you may check it out there

2. You can read my piece on some peculiarities of Russo-Chinese "alliance" at Unz Review. Here:

The Russo-Chinese "Alliance" Explained 

3. Here is the latest One. 

Russia's Stand-Off Capability: The 800 Pound Gorilla in Syria

4. On INF Treaty.   

 The Sand Castle INF Treaty

5. New piece on geopolitics and navalism.

The Russo-Chinese "Alliance" Revisited  

6. My new piece on Putin's speech came out today at Unz Review. 

The Implications of Russia's New Weapon Systems

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hunchbacks. The Ships Of My Officer Youth.

Cannot believe they pulled this from archives. This is one of the first hulls of what would become a workhorse with incredible sea-keeping properties--project 205P ships. Naval Units of Border Guards KGB USSR workhorse, almost 300 tons of displacement armed to the hilt. Here is 1972 documentary about one of the first hulls of those amazing ships which became known as Hunchbacks in Border Guards and which would perform some amazing feats of service (including actual naval combat) on all Soviet/Russia's seas and oceans. 

I served on many of those and we went to sea when no one else would dare. Here is one, at the 2nd pier in Baku (our brigade) in mid-1980s. 
These ships still come to me in my dreams because time after time they were doing things you wouldn't expect from them. By the time I got to them in 1985 they were updated with satellite navigation (Cikada) and other new, digitized, perks but no matter--those were our home at sea. 
I spent time on many ships and subs in my life, from magnificent Kiev and pr. 641B SSK to Oscars, but these ships still make my heart beat faster each time I see them. This may explain, I guess, my attraction to US Navy's (later USCG) Cyclone-class ships. I am still a mosquito navy guy, deep down. In the end, these were tight, almost family and much less formal, relations within crews. We were ready to die for each-other as were those ships. Just to give some impression--these boats had official angle of capsizing (the angle at which ship...well, capsizes) of 89 degrees, they literally would pull your ass out of deadly angles. I know, they saved my, and my crew's, sorry asses on a number of occasions. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Why Do They Hate Him?

Because he could barely contain himself when a dying kid told that he dreamed about shaking his hand. Because he is truly admired and loved by generation which really matters--not us, old farts. Because he surely saw this movie:

And it is today--this: 

I don't know, but they hate him and what he brought, back.

Some Minor Business (News Of Today).

Tucker Carlson gave a splendid interview to a Swiss daily Die Weltwoche, I think it is very much worth it to read it. Tucker is realist and he is ready to face facts. I do not agree with some of his positions, but his assessments of  Trump are spot on. 
Apart from asking these very important questions has he really achieved nothing?

Why should he be not capable?

Then he proceeds with a good thought on the current situation:
Have you ever seen this amount of discontent and aggression here in your lifetime?

No, I've never seen anything like this. What's so striking is that [chuckles] this is really... The radicalism is not on behalf of people who are actually suffering, fellow Americans who are suffering, on behalf of the 70,000 people who died of drug ODs last year, or on behalf of the people displaced by automation in GM, or whatever, on behalf of those dying American low class, it's really on behalf of theoretical goals. They're saying that I [Tucker Carlson] am saying naughty things that shouldn't be allowed to be expressed in public. Basically, it's a totalitarian movement. Totally unhelpful. I would say childish. What they're really doing is defending the current order. They're the shock troops of the elites actually. Actually, what you're seeing is something amazing, you're seeing for the first time in history a revolution being waged against the working class. When does that happen?
It is a huge issue in itself and the roots of this are in the Cold War 1.0. We ain't seen nothing yet. He astutely notes.
If you leave Washington and drive to say Pittsburgh, which is a manufacturing town about three and a half hours to the west, you drive through a series of little towns that are devastated. There are no car dealerships, there are no restaurants. There's nothing. They have not recovered. I remember driving out there one day, maybe eight or nine years ago and thinking, boy, this is a disaster. Rural America, America outside three or four cities is really falling apart. I thought if you're running the country, you should have a sense of that. I remember thinking to myself, nobody I know has any idea that this is happening an hour away. That's kind of strange since we're the capital city in charge of making policy for everybody else... Massive inequality does not work in a democracy... You become Venezuela. 
So, read it. It may help in tying together all these crazy events happening right now, including a disaster of the American (rather her "elites") foreign policy run by neocon ignoramuses, who are not qualified to ran a local hardware store. Speaking of which, Daniel Larison laments what he fails to understand IS the level of American "elites" (which echoes Tucker's opinions on them)--they are massively ignorant and incompetent. But I stood on this position for many years now. Not only they are a danger for the world, they are dangerous to their own (???) country. 
Nauert’s nomination was in doubt as recently as last week, and there were reports that Trump had been considering other candidates, including Michigan Senate candidate John James. It now appears that Trump’s original preference for the unqualified Nauert has won out. Outgoing U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley had insisted that her position remain a Cabinet-level one, but it is likely that it will be downgraded again according to Pompeo’s preferences. Nauert isn’t qualified to be U.N. ambassador, but then neither was Haley, and Pompeo wasn’t and isn’t qualified to be Secretary of State. Everyone responsible for guiding U.S. diplomacy under Trump has been and will continue to be unsuited to the jobs to which they have been appointed. The appointment of Nauert just underscores that Trump has no interest in diplomacy or expertise, and he just wants people willing to recite nonsensical talking points.
Can we finally say it out loud--there is NOBODY out there who is qualified to govern competently. The Ivy League and political clubs' "elite-manufacturing" machine is broken long ago--it was bound to happen when one teaches instead of real history a collection of fairy tales. The system is broken and it will take some incredible effort and mind(s) to figure out how to fix it without unleashing a bloodshed. Facing reality could be a good start. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Do It, Or Else.

That is Pompeo's "ultimatum" to Russia to "comply" with INF Treaty within 60 days. What Pompeo and neocon cabal in D.C. do not understand is that Moscow knows America's behavior several steps ahead. It is easy to forecast since Empire is nauseatingly predictable in self-destructing behavior. As was expected, Russian response to US was "or else what?" The bluff, yet again, will be called and the US will exit both INF and START treaties (START will follow later) because US still thinks that it is scary--it is scary, alright, in a sense of a monkey with a grenade, but in terms of actual policies and actions--US can do very little to influence Russia and, in order to stop Nord Stream-2, among other things will continue to increase the number of provocations akin to Kerch Strait snafu. But, American vassals in Europe are also getting a bit jittery. 

Der Spiegel still asks what will happen if Moscow disagrees with ultimatum (Google will do the job)? 
Well, Der Spiegel is slow, Russia already explicitly stated that it has all means to counter, if need be, and if Germany and Europe really want to draw large fat targets on their maps--they might as well do it now. Russia has means which cannot be stopped by any existing or perspective anti-missile systems, so militarily it really doesn't matter for Russia. For Europe? 

Well, US also wants to exit INF for a number of Chinese "reasons", since China's defense rests to a large degree with China's medium and short range missile technology which comes very handy for the First Island Chain strategies. But while at it, the US sees a great opportunity to coral Euro-wussies and in doing so also stop this proverbial natural gas pipe from being completed, thus making primarily German industry, inevitably, less competitive and more reliant on her big boss across Atlantic. As one observer noted recently, Germany needs Nord Stream-2 way more than Russia does. This is a fact. The sabotage of the Nord Stream-2 will mean much higher energy costs for already high energy share costs of German machine-building complex (Germany's crown jewel) and that means a chance for the US to save herself by becoming an energy exporter (it is most likely a utopian dream but...) and more competitive on the European market. 

To understand that European elites, most of whom were grown and conditioned within the confines of American system of elites' manufacturing, are stupid is not difficult. There is another suicidal client in Europe and it is France. No, I am not talking about riots. As Ria (in Russian) gave a superb review of France's nuclear power energy sector, France declared that she will be shutting down a truck load of its nuclear power stations in the nearest future and will concentrate more on "renewable" sources. Last time I checked, France has a common border with Germany--why wouldn't French ask what happened to Germany's energy sector "managed" by Greens' lobby? French announced an impending closure of a number of her nuclear-power stations, whose share in France's electricity production is 71+%, the highest in the world. But no, France decided to screw herself on the advice of former French "environment" minister Nicholas Hulot whose competencies in energy sector are...drum roll in journalism and environmental activism. Well, you get the picture. So, for all intents and purposes, Russians do not really have anyone with competencies and real power to talk to in the combined West. Western elites are simply incompetent.

The US, and Trump, are not treaty-worthy because the US is not really governable anymore, Europeans are too "liberal" and globalist to follow own real interests--so, how do you deal with them? You just step back and let them do their own thing but you keep your whip ready. Combined West is imploding and there is no denial of this fact. The last remaining vestiges of competence in business are not applicable directly to the governing principles for the nation. This is a global crisis of liberalism, my friends--it is not just economy, it is all of it: cultural, spiritual, moral and ideological. It simply doesn't work and the last hope today is with this guy in Kremlin and his buddies to figure it out how to land this crazy world softly, with as little damage as possible. China may help, but will she? I guess we'll see.