Saturday, January 1, 2022

Let's Try Q & A And Whatever Else Sticky Post

Here is the post which I will try to keep sticky for people to ask questions and share their thoughts which are not on topic. This, I think is known as Open Thread. Fire away.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Even More Military Porn.

In Russian, but even without knowing Russian, Gerasimov stresses that Caucasus-2020 deliberately were removed away from NATO, while NATO still behaves like it shouldn't. Then the French Military Attache Ivan (you have got to be kidding me, LOL) Martin (guy in beret) thanks Russian MoD for invitation. But, couple of points--Russians and Chinese operate as a single unit (together with Armenians), while ... drum roll... Pakistan takes part also. Obviously, Belorussians are organic to all that and things, I think, from now on will only tighten up defensively between Belarus and Russia. So, all in all--a cool command-staff strategic exercise. And yes, S-300V4 was used. 

Terminator does look like...well..terminator. Enjoy excellent visuals. 

But get this--LOL. Zvezda loves its correspondents having a fvcking PTSD, LOL. 

This is hilarious and... dangerous. But what a shot.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

So, Russians Have Colluded With...

Russians? OK, let's get this straights. Russians, it looks like, after all, were colluding against Trump, since, as news has it:

The FBI was aware of a counterintelligence investigation into the man Christopher Steele relied on for his Trump-Russia dossier, but kept renewing the FISA warrant to spy on the president anyway, according to a damning new letter. The dossier compiled by British spy Christopher Steele, paid through the firm Fusion GPS by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was used by the FBI to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page in October 2016, prior to the presidential election. The warrant was renewed after Donald Trump got elected president and finally expired sometime in late 2017.
LOL. As the saying goes, and when we thought we hit the bottom, somebody knocked from below. I cannot describe, I have no descriptive powers, the whole Gogol-Kafkaesque nature of this all, I am sure they are rolling on the floors right now in Moscow from Homeric laughter. Here is a whole thing by AG William Barr. It is delightful in the extreme in a sense that, with all my revulsion toward GOP, it shows utter incompetence, malfeasance and infantilism of DNC and of Obama Administration's operatives and moles residing in the nooks and crannies of D.C. putrid swamp. A bunch of narcissists, talent-less empty suits, headed by a modern, and very real, iteration of a Wicked Witch of the East couldn't take it, that they lost in 2016 because they are all, without exception, are full of shit and most are seditious traitors driven by a sense of entitlement. 
Are Durham's, long overdue, revelations next? Just think about it, HRC, DNC, Obama's stooges hired some washed out second rate BSer from MI-6 whose main source was the guy who was considered a national security threat and was in contacts with Russia's intelligence. This is rich, LOL. Remarkably, I do not look at HRC, Obama, or their really pathetic minions such as Clapper or Brennan, or Komey as merely political figures. Nope, I view them primarily as  ass-holes in human terms (professionally they all are zeros). Human trash with no morality, ethics or honor--just one highly concentrated case of excrement. US media pundits do not qualify even for excrement, they are below it in ratings of human depravity. This Barr's memo, obviously, opens many doors into such matters as, say, current BLM-ANTIFA-US media driven domestic terrorism and puts some DNC operatives under scrutiny.
This memo is way more important than whatever will be a publicity re: Biden family cottage industry in Ukraine, albeit this too adds to what becomes increasingly desperate situation for Democrats. Dems'  "ticket" with both parties on it, a senile pervert and an over-ambitious nobody, utterly unqualified to run local convenience store, is an Exhibit A of America's "elites" corruption and contempt towards law, order and, in the end, people of the United States. Mike Whitney gave it a good write up and want to quote him here:

Here’s your political puzzler for the day: Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country:

  1. An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government experience and who is rash and impulsive in his dealings with the media, foreign leaders and his critics?
  2. Or a political party that collaborates with senior-level officials in the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the White House to spy on the new administration with the intention of gathering damaging information that can be used to overthrow the elected government?

The answer is “2”, the greater threat to the country is a political party that engages in subversive activity aimed at toppling the government and seizing power. In fact, that’s the greatest danger that any country can face, an enemy from within. Foreign adversaries can be countered by diplomatic engagement and shoring up the nation’s military defenses, but traitors–who conduct their activities below the radar using a secret network of contacts and connections to inflict maximum damage on the government– are nearly unstoppable.

That pretty much describes it. I hope Barr's memo is just the start of a process of dismantling of the Democratic Party as we know it, with reconstitution of it at some point of time (maybe) as a center-left, labor-oriented political party which may even be called something else altogether. What will be left should be removed to the political margins--never to be considered a nation-wide political force. Only after that one may start looking at what should be done with the party of Neo-liberalism and of Wall Street, you know, GOP. Maybe there are still some juices left in it for formation of genuinely conservative nationalist party rooted in humble foreign policy and economic nationalism. 
But, as you know--hope dies last. But still, I had such an awesome profoundly good laugh today that I let my imagination fly a bit over this present day American Circus.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

This Is Really Cool.

The work of Air Defense units of S-400, Buk and S-1s against, I think, target missiles (shown in the beginning) RM-75, Mach=4 capable targets. Caucasus-2020 exercises commenced and first videos are being released by Russia's MoD. Military porn at its best.   

I also liked P-800 Oniks (inert, without explosives) of one of Bastions approach to the target, you need to slow video down to appreciate what M=2.5+ on terminal looks like;) 

Enjoy. An innocent fun. 

UPDATE: Arktika is on her way to Arctic Ocean and its ice-cap. (In Russian, but visuals are awesome). 

She is big. The largest ice-breaker in history.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Anyone Thought Otherwise?

 As I pointed out yesterday, Russians will yawn. They did. 

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia sees minimal chances of extending the New START treaty with the United States - their last major nuclear arms pact - as it does not accept conditions set out by Washington, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted as saying on Monday. He spoke came after Marshall Billingslea, the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control, told a Russian newspaper that Moscow must accept a joint agreement with Washington on extending the treaty before the U.S. presidential election in November. "I suspect that after President Trump wins re-election, if Russia has not taken up our offer, that the price of admission, as we would say in the U.S., goes up," Billingslea told Kommersant newspaper in an interview. Ryabkov said that position constituted an ultimatum and lowered the chances of reaching any kind of agreement to extend the deal, which expires in February next year. "We cannot talk in this manner," TASS news agency quoted Ryabkov as saying. Another news agency, RIA, quoted him as saying the chances of a treaty extension were "minimal".

As I say non-stop, unless one rehearses to go out on the stage of the Saturday Night Life for some absurd, and long ago stopped being funny, skit, this whole START "business" doesn't even qualify for a minimally amusing routine. One doesn't talk in ultimatums to the only power on Earth which can turn D.C. into parking lot even without nuclear weapons but these simple skills are beyond the grasp of American "diplomacy". Lack of culture and sophistication in D.C. prevents them from understanding a simple principle which is: ultimatums tell more about the side which issues them, much more and are the first sign of desperation and weakness in a dyadic relations between US and Russia. Russia is not compromising on her arsenal, in fact, something tells me she is holding something back. To be revealed when the time comes.  

Pompeo, in his interview to Bild (in German), declared the creation of anti Nord Stream 2 "coalition". This is not news and Russia is pretty nonchalant about it. Obviously it is all about US LNG, which MUST go to Europe, both to finance US ailing economy and kill any prospects for already barely competitive EU products. It is between Germany and the US. It is all boring. And, really, did anyone think that Russians will react otherwise to ultimatums? I know, I know, history is not a strong point in D.C. but they should really refresh it once in a while. I mean real history, not narratives.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Russia Steals Everything.

And Jesus Christ was an American and was born in Kalamazoo, MI. It is a well-known fact. So Donald Trump, evidently briefed by his utterly competent and crushingly precise aids, knows now that:

“We have a super duper rocket. I call it super duper because it is 5 times faster than conventional rockets. But Russia got this information from the Obama administration, it kidnapped it, and built its own rocket. But now we have such a (rocket) that is much, much faster.”

Absolutely, and, in fact, Yuri Gagarin was American too as are 3M22 Zircon and Avangard hypersonic system. Here is a video of Vladimir Putin congratulating and honoring a Chief Designer of Avangard system Gerbert Efremov. 

And it was this man, Efremov, revealed to the public for the first time, who responded to Trump's claims. Speaking to Rossiyskaya Gazeta he was straight to the point (in Russian): "We experimented with hypersonic weapons in Soviet times, when Obama was still in his adolescence."

But as we all know, mathematics and physics were also invented in the United States and I am sure Trump will be briefed on this crucial fact shortly. But jokes aside, one can cut US desperation with the knife, this how dense and tense this desperation is. Spinning Bullshit, the only skill US pundits have, can go only so far, then cognitive dissonances, some of them extremely severe, begin their onset and people start experiencing all kinds of psychological and psychiatric disorders. 

There are fields in which the United States will never have advantage over Russia, in the best case scenario for the US, plus there are many fields in which the United States is not a competitor for Russia. Here is one such field:

Obviously a use of such terms as "aggression" is one such sign of a hysteria in the top echelons of American power and soon, even commercial space launches by Russians, including missions to ISS will also be termed as "aggression". We all know, that any loss in any field by the US is always a result of Russia's aggression. Remember B-737 Max and Boeing fvcking things up in the worst possible way? All was a result of Russia aggression. Do you know that commercial aircraft MC-21 is an exhibit A of Russian aggression. Russians are especially aggressive in energy or in Russia's education (that is altogether--a crime against humanity) which in STEM is a direct competitor to the US and even phony university "ratings" do not work anymore. Russian cities are extremely aggressive, because Moscow's and St. Pete's art and culture scene makes NYC look like a fvcking Wanker County fair. Everything is Russian aggression, including, of course, Russian aggression being responsible for US losing every single war in the last 25 years, having no functioning political system, and American elites being represented primarily by morons. 

But the field where Russian aggression reached its peak is the field of weapons, because, in act of criminal Russian aggression, Russia's military history and experience dwarf that of the United States and Russians simply produce better weapons than the US. They have to. As a result the United States is not even a viable competitor in few key military fields ranging from Air Defense Systems to high supersonic and hypersonic missile technologies. They never were for the last 50 years and the lag in these main strike weapons of modern and future war is not just huge--generational, really--it grows. US is desperate to stop advanced weapons' development in Russia, and, in his interview to Russia's ultra-liberal Kommersant (in Russian), Marshall Billingslea wasted 10 minutes of my valuable life time bloviating on the matters of START treaty extension, threatening Russia with new....whatever, and speaking in pseudo-strategic platitudes, which Russia, most likely, will ignore. Why shouldn't she, especially knowing that no discussion on serious matters is possible with the US. Non-agreement-capable, period. BTW, one of the funny features about Billingslea--his original Bachelor's Degree is in...History of Arts.  Get it, boys and girls? His formative humanly and academically years he spent studying useless crap, which provides zero background for any productive activity. 

US desperately needs all Russia's hypersonic weapons to be put under the umbrella of the US "inspections" and a treaty which will afford the US at least hypothetical chance at countering them. This is not going to happen since Russia is not the USSR and Putin is not Gorbachev.  Plus, what is most important, and I already mentioned it--US lag in modern weapon systems is generational. Yes, the United States can still create some advanced enabler technologies such as satellite constellations, advanced combat networks, proceed with advancement of Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), may still build advanced state-of-the-art platforms such as US submarines, but these are platforms and enablers. They mean little without weapon systems they enable and carry. Some American military porn internet resources already count SM-6 AD missile as a "standard anti-shipping missile" on US Navy's Arleigh Burke-class DDGs. Really? Introduction of yet another "wave" of US and Norwegian subsonic anti-shipping missiles is hailed as some kind of a milestone, which it is not. So what that LRASM/JASSM is capable of EECM? Good ol' P-700 Granit already carried ECCM suites in 1970s.  Every Soviet (forget modern Russian) AD complex starting from Osa-M always had anti-surface attack mode as its reserve function. For lay people this may not sound important, but during 080808 war with Georgia, one of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's small missile ships sunk Georgian missile boat not by its main missile but by salvo from its Air Defense Complex Osa-M

As I am on record non-stop for years, US "defense" (in reality military aggression) issues are not just in technological field, some of the US technology is good. It is in understanding a war for what it is. NO US serviceman even fought in defense of his country, town, family. This is the main, metaphysical, reason why US top brass, once a generation which saw serious war departed, could never grasp an essence of the warfare, because they have no grasp what would happen if they lose not just the war, the US has a great record of that, but what they treasure in life. This is the obstacle which cannot be overcome by inventing some new fighting doctrine or by regurgitating same ol' and beaten to death strategic and operational truisms. One has to start thinking differently but that is precisely what is lacking in the decision-making circles in the US today, where reality and fantasy long ago lost a clear demarcation line between the two. Well, it is inevitable in the country where one of the main voices in defining military policy include such people as a graduate of a History of Arts program or a comic and con-artist. I guess, in the world of fantasy and fakes those skills are sufficient.