Friday, March 16, 2018

Is Luftwaffe Being Sensible?

A rather interesting development today. Remember a year ago I wrote about Luftwaffe this:

Evidently today Germany's Luftwaffe decided to show that it may not ask "how high" it must jump since Luftwaffe chief was dismissed over F-35 support:

It is an interesting development since Germany certainly wants to see her combat aircraft to come from much nearer neighborhood--namely Europe, and namely from Eurofighter Typhoon. The issue here is what will be the American arm-twisting (and it is coming) strategy in trying to promote the fighter plane which, to put it politely, is not known to be the best performer for the same (very roughly) price of Eurofighter, which makes F-35 look like a... not that impressive. The United States needs to sell F-35 badly to at least have some claim that if this aircraft is not really good, at least it is a commercial success--not the best metric in assessing combat capability, but at lest something to show for historically unprecedented amount of money poured into F-35. 
It will be very interesting to observe all this inter-NATO military-technological maneuvering against the background of now deafening anti-Russian hysteria since it may give some inkling of where this whole Cold War 2.0 will go. Germany, for all her troubles, sees herself as a Europe's kingpin, while US (and London) do not like this idea. Germany can succeed in realization of such vision only if... and here it comes--she resolves her energy issues. But 2019 and Power of Siberia is nearing its completion and there is already Chinese access to some very sensitive Russian industries. So, Germany has a lot of thinking to do about how she wants to arrange her road towards her aspirations and if it is possible at all. Just a small detail--Luftwaffe knows how to fly MiG-29s--I kid, I kid. Plus, there is always nervous France, I kid again.   

Meanwhile. This adorable and beautiful girl is... Theresa May. Man, time is cruel to all of us.

I also was very beautiful when I was young, LOL. Actually, once as a toddler I graced the front page of Baku's most important newspaper. I will post it at some point of time.

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