Thursday, August 25, 2022

Speaking In Purely Military Terms...

... such a decision is reasonable. 

The US government intends to officially name its military mission to aid Kiev and appoint a general to command it, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing Biden administration officials. This would formalize the operation that predates the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine and allow the Pentagon to award ribbons, medals, and special pay to its participants. Giving the operation a name is “significant bureaucratically,” the Journal explained, as it “typically entails long-term, dedicated funding and the possibility of special pay, ribbons and awards for service members participating in the effort.” The US has previously named its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The original intervention in Afghanistan was dubbed “Enduring Freedom,” replaced by the nation-building “Freedom’s Sentinel” in 2015. The 2003 invasion of Iraq was called “Iraqi Freedom,” while the 2014 redeployment to Iraq and Syria to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists was designated “Inherent Resolve.” A two-star or three-star general will be appointed to command the effort, in what the Journal described as “a shift from the largely ad hoc effort to to provide training and assistance to the Ukrainians for years.” 

But, of course, behind this military thingy there is a serious moral issue which sees the US supporting all kinds of genocidal maniacs throughout the world. ISIS and Al Qaeda connected terrorists being prepared at the US Al Tanf base in Syria are a good example, and, in this case, such operation should surely be named like... Ukraine's Freedom (To be Nazis), or Freedom (To Kill Russian Children), or Unflinching Liberty (To Support Terrorists), something like that. 

At issue, of course, is the fact that the US cannot support Ukraine for much longer because this romp of a country will continue to be reduced to primarily terrorist diversionary activity, such as killing civilians and trying to blow up infrastructure objects. That, the US (and UK) will support and, in fact, will be very proud of, because this is the only thing the US can do to harm Russia and Russians. Pentagon, it could be stated now very confidently, has no material, technological or operational (and intellectual) means to fight a real war and, mind you, Russia conducts SMO, not a war. War is a somewhat different thing and should that have been a full scale war in Ukraine, many of those awards for American servicemen involved with Ukraine would have been posthumous. It may yet come to this, Russia has excellent intel capabilities. 

Here is Ike and Petraeus. 

While fanboys still discuss how good or bad as a strategist Ike was, one cannot deny the fact that Ike was a very good military leader, all things considered. Not only he was a Supreme Allied Commander, he personally was awarded by Stalin with this:
Read attentively--it is the Order of VICTORY against mightiest military machine in history. Do you know how the status of this order is described? Here it is:

Орден “Победа” является высшимвоенным орденом. Им награждаются лица высшегокомандного состава Красной Армии за успешноепроведение таких боевых операций в масштабеодного или нескольких фронтов, в результатекоторых в корне меняется обстановка в пользуКрасной Армии. Для награжденных орденом “Победа”учреждается, в знак особого отличия,мемориальная доска, для внесения в нее именкавалеров ордена “Победа”. Мемориальная доскаустанавливается в Большом Кремлевском дворце.Награждение этим орденом производится толькоУказом Президиума Верховного Совета СССР.

Translation:  The Order of Victory is the highest military order. It is awarded to senior officers of the Red Army for the successful conduct of such combat operations on the scale of one or more fronts, as a result of which the situation is radically changing in favor of the Red Army. For those awarded with the Order of Victory, a memorial plaque is established, as a sign of special distinction, to include the names of holders of the Order of Victory on it. The memorial plaque is installed in the Grand Kremlin Palace. This order is awarded only by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. 

And here is this Plaque.  

Very few people on it. But I am sure Petraeus who lost everything there is to lose militarily, or any modern American general, can give a run to Ike, or even Zhukov, for all their awards. After all, those glorious "victories" in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and now in Ukraine have to be rewarded with something. Like the stunning military triumph in... Grenada, when the number of medals exceeded the number of troops involved by a healthy margin. So, I am sure the medals and ribbons for killing civilians in Donbass, supporting Nazi battalions, or torturing POWs is a logical conclusion to the American military history of the last 8+ years. I am not surprised anymore. And don't tell me that mediocrity is not rewarded in the West nowadays, in fact, it is the only thing which gets a reward.

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