Sunday, April 3, 2022

I Wonder...

 ... why Fidesz and Victor Orban again won Hungarian elections in the landslide. Hm. 

Could it be, just guessing here (wink, wink), that he expresses desires of the majority of Hungarians? No way, should be something else... I kid, I kid. I think Orban is a consummate anti-Globalist and nationalist and that really shouldn't surprise us anymore. The world out there, beyond the grasp of globalists is a rather strange and, often, vibrant place. Obviously Hungary is a EU and NATO member, but something tells me that Hungary and, possibly, Slovakia may become the only channel for EU to trade with Russia on Russia's conditions. That means Rubles. I can only speculate what a huge economic benefit for Hungary and Slovakia this may become. 

In related news, I, for the love of God, could have never thought that I will live to see Russian and Pakistani troops participating in joint exercises (and not for once--but regularly) and many Pakistanis expressing friendly feelings towards Russia, not to speak, of course, about growing economic cooperation from energy to weapons, to cultural exchanges. Unbelievable.  But here we are today. 

Per Ukie propaganda and fakes, which all eventually will be debunked, as were many previous ones, here is Bernhard's excellent take:

But now for people who still worry that Russia "lost" propaganda war in the West, I will reiterate--Russia didn't "lose" anything because at this stage Russians don't give a rat's ass about what Western public thinks. As long as Russians believe in cause, and they overwhelmingly do, not to mention having a level of contempt towards the West unprecedented in the Russian history, it really doesn't matter. West becomes not that important for Russians anyway. It lost its allure long time ago and now that it revealed itself as a traditional mortal enemy of Russians, there is nothing to discuss with anyone there. By West, of course, I mean old classic Western Europe and the US.

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