Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Zakharova HAS To Express Indignation.

This is her job, she gets paid for it, but I am sure she is keenly aware of what is going on, and the lexicon used behind closed doors is different. Some terrorists from Mejlis (a separatist terrorist organization of Crimean Tatars which is based in Ukraine) blew up gas pipe in diversionary "operation" and were apprehended by FSB the next day. Zakharova reacts:

"Известны ли детали этих чудовищных происшествий западным столицам? Да. Известны. Вашингтон и Брюссель все знают и молчат, а тем самым как минимум потворствуют, если не соучаствуют", — подчеркнула дипломат.Она напомнила, что после инцидента пресс-секретарь Госдепартамента США Нед Прайс заявил о "репрессиях" против "Меджлиса"*, потребовав освободить диверсантов. В свою очередь, официальный представитель Евросоюза по внешней политике Петер Стано призвал выполнять обязательства по международному праву российскую, а не украинскую сторону, добавила Захарова.
Translation: "Are the details of these monstrous incidents known to the Western capitals? Yes. They are known. Washington and Brussels know everything and are silent, and thus at least condone, if not complicit," the diplomat emphasized. She recalled that after the incident, the press secretary of the US State Department, Ned Price, announced "reprisals" against the "Mejlis" *, demanding the release of the saboteurs. In turn, the official representative of the European Union for foreign policy Peter Stano called on the Russian, and not the Ukrainian side to fulfill the obligations under international law, Zakharova added.
Maria, of course they are complicit. Moreover, this was, is and will be the MO of the West against Russia in coming years. It cannot be otherwise because in the open military conflict the West will be annihilated. Combined West and Islamic terrorism are connected by the umbilical cord and we can easily remember combined West's schadenfreude each time Chechen or Arab wahabis killed many Russians. The more, the better. If it is a maternity ward taken by "freedom fighters" who kill pregnant women and children, fine. Take the school hostage and then slaughter hundreds of kids--the more, the merrier. So, please, Maria, such a small thing as a terrorist act on the gas-pipe. I am sure many in State Department and Brussels are not happy. Couldn't those "saboteurs" have taken a kindergarten? That would make many people in D.C., Paris and Brussels happy. I am sure Le Figaro and Washington Post with The Hill would have written many condemning articles. You know, condemning Russia and Russians. Hey, nothing personal--just business. 

French cement giant Lafarge, charged with “crimes against humanity” over paying Islamic State to keep its Syrian plant running, had been informing the country’s spy agencies about its ties with terrorists, leaked papers revealed.According to a batch of official French documents obtained by Turkish Anadolu news agency, Lafarge representatives have held multiple meetings with domestic, foreign and military intelligence services during the Syrian conflict. The French spy agencies were accused of having used the company’s relationship with Islamic State (IS, Daesh, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other militant groups to keep up to date with the events on the ground in Syria. They also refrained from warning the cement maker that its ties with terrorists were a crime, according to the agency.
You see how simple? Now, another matter is that we are dealing here with not only morally damaged people who do not know right from wrong--an increasingly defining feature of Western political and "intellectual" elites--but with people with obvious mental issues. You can see it for yourself what kind of human material US "elites" are made of by reading recent "opinion" in Politico of one of the W's minions.

Opinion | What I Wish the U.S. Had Done About Putin Years Ago — And What Biden Should Do No.The U.S. has long avoided punishing the Russian leader in the misplaced hopes of cooperating with a regime that only seeks instability.

This is why I am on record constantly that Russia-West relations have no future--only a balancing geopolitical power act in which Russia will increasingly work toward creating such circumstances which will allow Russia to stay insulated form the West and impervious to economic and cultural cataclysms which are already consuming Europe and North America. Moscow knows that the West as we knew it is over and that it will become increasingly hostile to Russia with West's power waning . This process is irreversible and it already manifests itself across the whole spectrum of West's activities ranging from real economy, politics, intellectual development and warfare. Well, nothing new, really. Russians have been always viewed as inferior and, as any untermensch, have been considered a fair game. So, Maria HAS to express indignation but the number of people in the West with who Russia can hold a rational conversation is diminishing with an incredible speed and civilization paths of the West and Russia are diverging and it is all for the better. 
You see, numbers do not lie: 

True: Trade between Russia and the EU decreased by 21% from 2019 to 2020

The trend will continue, especially with Russia's import substitution program kicking in for real and Europeans eventually losing out to climate and environment fanatics, who already are changing the face of European economy. No worries, Russia, at some point, will express indignation and will leave West to its devices, hopefully, behind the new Iron Curtain around Europe, while the US... well, that is a complex issue. 

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