Thursday, June 24, 2021

British Lie, Traditionally.

Which should not surprise anyone, especially when talking about British media which all follow Goebbelsonian pattern in their propaganda. So, as was expected, Russia's FSB Border Guards released a video of warning shots fired by Russian Coast Guard ship. 

Traditional procedure is targeting 5 thousands of distance behind the stern, then 5 thousands of distance forward of the bow of intruder, and then... Well, the conditions were somewhat different here and that is why Russia had several strike aircraft in the air. This is FSB, I am sure videos from Russian MoD will follow showing British lying as always. Today Shoigu stated that the next time intruders will be bombed. Russia has many guided and free-falling bombs at her disposal so if NATO wants to play Russian Roulette, they certainly can. 

In all this story, however, what strikes one silly is the fact that imbeciles from Downing Street 10 and Whitehall continued to deny that anything happened at all. Dudes, it is 2021--Russians have cameras and Battle Management Systems on Russian ships have a documentation mode from all sensors. How stupid one should be denying the obvious, such as HMS Defender leaving territorial waters after warning shots, when Russians simply released video. So, please, don't continue with those fabulous stories about British cunning and artful diplomacy and experience of international intrigue when those cretins cannot even stage a false flag without real professionals having cramps from hysterical laughter--Skripal Affair, Steele Dossier, anyone--and now this. The military-intelligence top of Zamunda would have performed better and would have come up with more believable BS than British. Embarrassing. 

The whole affair shows that you cannot negotiate anything with generally ungovernable and dysfunctional Anglo-Saxondom which is nothing more that a compilation of interest groups fighting for power and incapable to produce any political coherence--a MUST in any relations. There is a lot to talk about International Naval Salon and some new things which appeared at it today. I'll do it later.

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