Saturday, December 26, 2020

When The Music Is Good...Why Not.

Project 971 subs (NATO: Akula, in reality--Schuka, Pike) are great ships, always were. Extremely silent, reliable and overall one of those things which belong to the category of "if ain't broke, don't fix it" technology. Modernize? Sure, but don't "fix" it. Now, one of these subs Leopard underwent totally expected modernization with adding to her this nasty ability to launch Kalibr family missiles and who knows what else. But this is not what is funny about the ceremony of getting her out in the open. Listen to the music. 

Hark, what are those charming sounds? Of course, who can forget:

Ah, Russian mindfuckery again, LOL. What kind of hints are Russians sending. Albeit, truth to be told, Russian subs armed with 3M14 and even 3M54 do not need to get near Texas. But the point, of course, is simple--if ain't broke, don't fix it. Project 971 SSNs are superb subs which have a lot of life left in them and armed with all those "toys" such as Kalibrs, Onikses and Zircons their deadliness increases many folds. Among new things, SU-57 started its serial delivery to air force. 

Basically, all this BS of the past few years that SU-57 ran into problems, that Russia cannot produce it etc. as always turned out to be exactly that, a BS and a butthurt of Western military porn enthusiasts who still think that modern war is some kind of iteration of WWII with armadas of aircraft engaged in the air to air combat akin to strategic bombing operations by Allies or massive fighter brawls over Kursk or Kuban in 1943.

Meanwhile, yet another corvette of pr. 20380--Hero of Russia Aldar Tsydenzhapov--is officially commissioned to Pacific Fleet. Recent maneuvers with MiG-31Ks carrying hypersonic Kinzhals with them relocating to Far East bases, shows that Russia increases her options and shows support to China... just in case. I am sure when Admiral Nakhimov with all her 174 VLS tubes packed with Zircons, Kalibrs and a variety of AD missiles will be re-commissioned to Russian Navy they will be playing this:

And why not, if the music is good.

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