Monday, October 3, 2016

Rememeber WW II,

which US won on its own pretty much with some minor help from USSR? Well, as it turned out, US is also the main force in defeating ISIS and Russia tries to steal credit for it. I kid you not, that is what White House says and it must be true. 

But seriously, this is already not even funny anymore. The mass hysteria in US main stream media, which produce daily propaganda which would have made Goebbels blush, and prolonged lapse of reason at the political top, including its support for Al-Nusra (which is Al Qaeda) have me thinking that the coup already happened and US at this stage slides into the Orwell's reality more and more. One thing is clear, current US "power elite" doesn't know how to lose honorably, because, frankly looking at Robert Kagan, Samantha Power or at Ash Carter one shouldn't exercise any illusions on them having any integrity, but that is a defining characteristic of these "elites".

US right now is at a geopolitical cross-roads. It lost in Ukraine, it also lost in Syria (hence a hysteria) and it needs to salvage at least something. Obviously real geopolitics didn't turn out to be WWE fake shows, in real big power games there is a price to pay. So, what's left?

1. Possible, however improbable, attack on Russian forces in Syria. I do not even want to contemplate this, but should the desperation push US "elites" to such a reckless act, consequences will be global and fast. 

2. Attack on Assad's forces. That is more like it, reasonably high probability. But that also will mean that SAA will suddenly obtain a very sophisticated latest Air Defense complexes and since this act will mean war with US, Syria will use those complexes, while, probably, upgrading its arsenal of Anti-Shipping Missiles to something like... P-800 Yakhont. 

3. By any means, other than pp.1 and 2, trying to achieve partition of Syria. Well, that is the most realistic objective, but then again--it is yet to be seen if US has enough resources to deal with this other than massively arm its main ally in the region--Islamic Terrorist Internationale. 

4. Fill in the blanks..........  , knowing that (inevitable) defeat in Syria for US means a very abrupt departure from self-proclaimed hyper-power status (currently it is in fairly slow but unstoppable motion). This has, apart from crushed egos, huge ramifications for US domestic policies.

So, US "elites" face these choices and, judging by their mental status, it is a not foregone conclusion that common sense will prevail. But if we all will be able to last through US Presidential Elections without major war and will elect The Donald we will have the chance to lower tensions and eventually work out some arrangement which will not be perfect but will work for all sides involved and will allow to preserve US status as the first among equals and that will also mean much better world for all.  


So, there are moves now to prevent pp.2 scenario. As Fox reports:

Russia deploys advanced anti-missile system to Syria for first time, US officials say         

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