Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Russia "Destroys" Another Hospital(s) And Kills Cute Puppies Too.

Ahh, those nasty Russkies, they don't know how to fight terrorism. As ever reliable (wink, wink) Reuters reports: Russian or Syrian warplanes knocked two hospitals out of service in the besieged rebel sector of Aleppo on Wednesday and ground forces intensified an assault in a battle which the United Nations said had made the city worse than a slaughterhouse. I have a problem with this low quality reporting. Russians knocked out not two, but five or twelve, certainly no fewer than seven, hospitals. While doing this Russians slaughtered a number of cute puppies and many cute kittens too. Puppies like this: 
Meanwhile, ever committed to fighting terrorism, Washington D.C. warns Russians that killing "moderate rebels" (and moderate cute puppies) may cost Moscow attacks on Russian cities and many Russian lives lost. But call it a hunch, I somehow think that those attacks will have a very specific force behind them, the one which is very committed to fighting barbaric deaths of cute puppies. Well, there is a reason for this rising concern for destruction of numerous hospitals in Syria and reduction of population of cute puppies (and kittens) and it seems the reason is that Russia (and Syria) really decided to cleanse Aleppo from "moderate rebels", akin to "moderate rebels" in Grozny who loved to take hostages, kill children (obviously not as cute as puppies), behead others and do other things which in D.C. go under the title of "freedom fighting".  I am sure in coming days we all will witness a number of other Russian "atrocities" such as destroying Syria's other 12,000 remaining hospitals and killing off a population of Syria's cute and "moderate" penguins. Penguins like this:


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