Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Enemy of My Enemy... Larry's Latest on Liz Cheney.

I abhor Cheney clan, I abhor environment where this seed sprouted from. And while I also have very little respect for Trump and most of GOP, the fact that Liz Cheney asked Democrats to... register as Republicans and vote for her in primaries tells you everything you need to know about US "elite". As Larry notes:

Larry then goes on to describe the "environment" which gave birth to those warmongers, war criminals and political shysters. Read the whole thing at Larry's blog. Good for people of beautiful Wyoming that they threw this, as Larry defines her, correctly, "evil spawn" out of the office. Harriet Hageman, who destroyed Cheney at the polls, ran on the slogan "Save America." And America needs saving from a nightmare it turned into. We'll see how it goes and HOW and WHAT this saving should be--that is the issue for discussion, a serious one. Hageman may be the case, as is the case with many Republicans--the enemy of my enemy, and neocons are my enemies.

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