Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Geopolitical Aikido.

Here is description of Aikido principles: 

A-ha, using opponent's attack momentum. Well, Vladimir Putin, a judoka of repute is a good friend with Steven Seagal who is 7th dan master of Aikido. Otherwise how can one explain this:

Western sanctions make it impossible to properly return a turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, Russian energy giant Gazprom claimed on Wednesday. The missing equipment has been the key reason for supply cuts. Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch earlier said that the German company had fulfilled all conditions for sending the repaired turbine back to Russia. According to Bruch, the company is “extremely interested” in advancing the process and blamed missing documents from the Russian side for the delay. “The sanctions regimes of Canada, the EU, the UK and the inconsistency of the current situation with the current contractual obligations on the part of Siemens make the delivery of the 073 engine to the Portovaya [compressor station] impossible,” Gazprom said on Wednesday.

To say that I laughed is to say nothing. Apart from geopolitical Aikido, this whole thing is also an Exhibit A of 80th level trolling.  Redirecting of the opponent's attack momentum(c). Of course, EU has a choice--it is SP2, LOL. But EU will have to utterly humiliate itself to accept this option. Well, what can I say--it is their problem, not Russia's. 

Look at the face of this man, you can see kind, good man in him, who always does what he says. And yes, he is really good at Judo, wink, wink. 

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