Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Take a Note.

Hungary begins to prepare. 

The Hungarian government has set up a new Defense Council led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban which has been given special decision-making authority, the PM’s press secretary Bertalan Havasi announced on Tuesday. As quoted by Hungarian news agency MTI, Havasi explained that the council was created in response to the military conflict in Ukraine and the ensuing economic crisis in Europe. He also noted that increased pressure from migration had made it necessary to pay special attention to protecting Hungary’s security and sovereignty in the coming years. The council will deal with proposals and reports regarding national security, public safety, border controls, national defense, migrant cases, natural disaster protections, counter-terrorism efforts and defense developments. "The Defense Council is a forum for government political decision-making with special powers, the chairman is the prime minister, and the secretary is the chief national security adviser," Havesi explained.

Now, apart from this news, get this--a very positive, if not to say more--very pro-Hungarian article at Ria by Petr Akopov, titled (in Russian):

Европа еще пожалеет, что не понимала по-венгерски

Which is: Europe will be sorry that it didn't understand Hungarian. It is a remarkable piece, plus, Hungary's Foreign Minister just visited Moscow, for gas talks, with Russia immediately responding that Moscow will provide all Hungary's energy necessities starting from the increased volumes of gas Hungary asked for recently. But...

It is clear that gas issue was just one of the topics discussed in Moscow. Plus, of course, all those pro-forma calls for cease-fire in Ukraine. What was discussed behind closed doors remains, for now, a matter of speculations but we know that is was discussed.

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