Friday, July 1, 2022

Mosfilm Finally Decided...

To upload a whole of Bondarchuck's masterpiece War and Peace. And here is the deal, apart from mind-boggling battle scenes throughout the whole movie, the Battle of Borodino--a horrifying mutual slaughter of Russian and French which became the bloodiest single day battle in history--the portrayal of this battle, as well as its eve is nothing which ever will be repeated in our life time and no CGI will ever be able to substitute these 40 minutes of the greatest war movie ever made. 

It is incomparable in conveying both the savagery and, in the same time, dark magnificence of the action. In about 8 hours of battle roughly equal (around 120,000 each) French and Russian Armies sustained by different estimates 90,000 casualties. Owen Connely in his excellent Blundering to Glory gives numbers of 37,000 Napoleon, 51,000 Russians, if I am not mistaken. Now you can experience it in full. I watched it fist time as a 9 year old boy. It was a rerun (again sold out) in many movie theaters with separate showings in the course of two days. In movie theater, on the big screen and sound the experience was overwhelming. It was also the first genuine artillery battle in history. So, enjoy if you will.

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