Sunday, May 15, 2022

Yet Another One...

Allegedly the 115 Brigade of Territorial Defense of 404 who complain that they have nothing, know nothing and begin to suspect that they are a cannon fodder. 

It gives a good impression of the state of the morale in VSU and the quality of personnel it gets through all those numerous "mobilizations". Territorial "Battalions" were a good opportunity for thugs to get weapons and begin to terrorize local Ukrainian civilians, including robbing them under the pretext of a "defense of 404". Fighting a real war was never in their plans. Well, it is now. Make no mistake, everyone wants to live and so do they, but judging by the speed of the formation of the massive cauldron with the "entrance" on the axis Popasnaya-Belogorovka (remember, the one where VSU "defeated" two Russian armies... in Twitter and YouTube) and by reported intensity of fire on VSU positions, well... again, Lord Austin called Shoigu for a reason and demanded to "cease fire". Make you own conclusions.

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