Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ukies Won Eurovison 2022.

Do you remember when Eurovison was a parade of a good music?

You know this unremarkable Swedish group, who would go and achieve nothing like those who follow them in 2000s and after. Ah, wait, I have a call waiting, right. Ah, they DID achieve something like global icons status? Ah, I see.  

Do you remember this charming Dutch band?

Yeah, this was Europe. Remember? Why don't FIFA award 404 World Cup in soccer win without playing and we should be all fine. 
P.S. Do you remember Conchitta Wurst? No surprise then that Olaf Scholz is not insulted by being called a liver sausage. They lost every last iota of honor, decency, talent and courage there. Sad end, I know... cucks.

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