Saturday, May 28, 2022

So, Simonyan...

... who herself is semi-literate (as most journos are) in any modern reality decided to finish flushing RT down the drain by offering the tribune to truly illiterate (I mean it) all-Russian imbecile with pedophile tendencies Yegor Kholmogorov. Next in RT list of "experts" are the remnants of Solzhenitsyn and seances with invocation of the spirits of General Krasnov and Ataman Shkuro (cadre SS officers).  

Egor Kholmogorov: The intertwined roots of history explain why Russia can't let go of Ukraine 

RT was going down the drain for a while now by means of its reserve of "experts" (such as Mr. Khodaryonok or Trenin), but this one tops it off. Simonyan (and her "team") obviously mistook their access to the fringes of Russian political power for their own talents, which they have very few. But then again, if medical doctors develop God Complex because they save human lives, journalists such as Simonyan develop such because they have no applicable real professional skills. The latest from RT is a perfect demonstration of this by invoking opinions of utter moron who barely lasted one year in Moscow State University  History department before dropping out even from this easy program. But then again, as they say in Russia: the fisherman recognizes the fisherman from afar, which is a euphemism for BSer recognizing a BSer a mile away. Simonyan just proved this truism beyond the shadow of a doubt. 

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