Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Gazprom Doesn't Understand.

Everyone who follows real news today discusses this: 

Well, truth is--Gazprom DOES understand, they just say that they don't in order to maintain a public record. But there is a force majeure which is behind 404 shutting off the valve. No, you didn't misread me, I mean it. Two components of this force majeure are:

1. An increasingly pronounced and accelerating collapse of VSU resistance, the signs of which are everywhere, not least through Larry Johnson's work in pointing out this:

Also, Zmeinnyi Island gamble "planned" in Pentagon encapsulated quite well the state of the affairs, when a truck load of VSU hardware and manpower was annihilated both over island itself and in preposition areas. I am on record: Pentagon will not out-think Russian General Staff. So, in general, that brings us to a second, component...

2. Which is THE force majeure which really matters and that one is for the United States. This is the main driver behind this "shutting the valve" thingy because, not only US "narrative" of Russia to be about conquered by glorious Kiev Nazis is falling apart, it is falling apart in a dramatic manner which exposes not only US weakness, both economic and military, but it also creates a huge sabotage undercurrent among US "allies" (you know, lap dogs), who are really not that enthusiastic about providing 404 with weapons anymore. Indeed, the story with German Gepard AD complexes is case in point.  Germany is ready to ship them (not that they will make any difference) but there is no proper ammo for them and Germany doesn't produce it anymore... so, you get the idea. 

So, the US decides to crack its whip and corral her "allies" into a proper place and show them what happens when they decide to even think about own survival. That is the main reason. You see, EU gets its energy supply turned off step-by-step by the US. This is the only war the US is any good at, blackmail and economic one, military one not so much, and it was inevitable that after the NS2 "closure", other energy supply routes would be cut off for Europe. And that is what we observe now. Democracy, you know, needs sacrifices. Germany is the first to go down, the rest will follow. Even morons at Oilprice get it:

A Russian Gas Halt Would Hit European, North Africa Economies

Right, but that is the whole idea, and Russia warned these European dumbfucks about it for years. That they are the US lunch in America's last ditch attempt to prolong her own agony of collapsing economy and increasing social chaos. So, there you are. Russia is not going to save Europe, but she surely wouldn't mind making a shitload of money from its death and she is already doing just that.  

UPDATE (of interest).  Unlike many Western unnamed sources from military-intel field, Russian ones, while definitely not being 100% correct all the time, have a much better record of "leaking" a reliable info. I doubt that Russian MoD wants to help Pentagon on this one, but here is the info:

МОСКВА, 10 мая. /ТАСС/. Приказ об атаке на остров Змеиный, в ходе которой украинские вооруженные силы понесли существенные потери, был отдан президентом Украины Владимиром Зеленским по совету британских консультантов, несмотря на возражения руководства ВСУ. Такие данные сообщил во вторник источник в российских силовых структурах."Приказ запредельно глупой атаки на остров Змеиный отдавал лично Зеленский и требовал добиться "медийного" результата к 9 мая", - сказал он. По словам источника, "есть подтвержденная информация о том, что [главком ВСУ Валерий] Залужный и его Генштаб были против этой самоубийственной операции, замысел которой Зеленскому подсказали его британские советники"."Финалом этой акции должно было быть совместное заявление о так называемой "перемоге" (укр. "победа") - британского премьера [Бориса] Джонсона и Зеленского, но в итоге выступал вчера только Джонсон, не упомянув ни словом о катастрофе операции по штурму Змеиного", - сообщил источник.

Translation: MOSCOW, May 10. /TASS/. The order to attack Serpent Island, during which the Ukrainian armed forces suffered significant losses, was given by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the advice of British consultants, despite the objections of the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Such data were reported on Tuesday by a source in the Russian power structures. "The order for the incredibly stupid attack on Serpents' Island was given personally by Zelensky and demanded to achieve a" media "result by May 9," he said. According to the source, "there is confirmed information that [the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery] Zaluzhny and his General Staff were against this suicidal operation, the idea of ​​which was suggested to Zelensky by his British advisers." "The finale of this action was supposed to be a joint statement on the so-called" victory "(Ukrainian" victory ") - the British Prime Minister [Boris] Johnson and Zelensky, but in the end only Johnson spoke yesterday, without mentioning a word about the catastrophe of the operation to storm the Serpentine ", - said the source.

You know what? I believe this. Not taking anything away from heroism of, say, British and Polish paratroopers but this rings so familiar. Yes, Operation Market Garden. Monty (a man of some genuine military talents) being pissed off by Ike's, as Monty thought, "overly cautious" broad front strategy got to Ike (as Monty did to everyone else in SHAEF), and he literally squeezed from him his consent for the Market Garden. Monty wanted his own version of Blitzkrieg and Deep Operations and, boy, did this whole thing go down south from the inception and resulted in a very sad fate for the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem. This is a very British thing, to put it mildly, to try to pursue lofty objectives while not having required resources. 

So, to be objective, let's remove Pentagon as main planner behind Zmeinnyi (Serpent) Island debacle and bestow the dubious "honor" for this spectacular failure on British military. Pentagon, then, wisely sat this one out, not to mention the fact that it already has its hands full with its own, much larger, strategic debacle on the whole theater of operations in 404, not some separate "direction" or tactical episode. What do you expect, in the end, Zelensky is literally a clown, BoJo has degree in English Literature--what can possibly go wrong? (/s). 

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