Friday, April 22, 2022

Well, What Can I Say;))

This is for those who doubted. 

European Commission says EU companies can pay for gas in rubles

But that was expected one way or another. Get a load of this.  

This doesn't require any commenting because it is self-evident, this is how the geopolitical defeat of a century looks like. It is also the end of the US Dollar as a fait accompli. The military part of this is happening now in Ukraine, with Russian forces continuing to physically annihilate the remnants of VSU. Russia has all the time on her hands she needs, if any one wonders about timing. The mode of the old bull from the famous anecdote is "ON". 

Here is an interesting fact, wink, wink. First Deputy Commander of the Azov is, actually, POW now. Here is he telling to Sladkov that he was, actually, doing humanitarian work in Mariupol, you know... (in Russian). 

Boy is he singing now like a bird, that also gives a hint about Putin's (prudent) decision to block those thugs in Azov Steel and see what fish, I mean excrement, will surface. In conclusion, EU's main foreign policy clow... I mean honcho, Josep Borrell informed 404 today that EU "exceeded" its budgets for military aid for Kiev. Oh boy, that's gotta hurt;)) 
UPDATE: Just to demonstrate, these are today's headlines from  

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