Thursday, April 7, 2022

May I Forward A Theory?

Pentagon complains and it is good that they do, because I am all for both militaries to keeping in touch. As I said, I feel much safer when Gerasimov and Milley talk to each-other, than when even Lavrov talks to Blinken. 

Let me forward a theory on why Russians do not respond. Here it is: unlike the portrayal in Hollywood of Russians being either soulless automatons such as Ivan Drago or drunk lowlifes and criminals, or simpletons, Russians in general, and Russian military in particular, while as anywhere else have their share of characters from Solzhenitsyn's writings, they live by much more than primitive creed which Westerners so love to imagine. Red Army soldiers "raping" 2.5 million German women in 1945 is a figment of imagination (well paid by MI-6) of such "historians" as Antony Beavor, while in reality humanism (sometimes completely detrimental to Russians themselves) towards enemy civilians was and is burned into Russian psyche and one can recall famous Stalin's quote: "Hitlers come and go, Germany remains." 

The core of Western propaganda in the last 8 years was this idea, projection really (Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki) of shelling indiscriminately civilian areas of Donbass and now, with the start of combat operations of February 24, shelling and killing own Ukrainian civilians all over the place--all is well documented. Moreover, using them as a human shield has become a trade mark of VSU, which, for the last 8 years, was, and you already guessed it, "trained", armed and advised by primarily US and UK military personnel. US also provides assistance in terms of communications and some C2 and ISR to VSU. Moreover, discovery of bioweapons labs in Ukraine which operated under the auspices of Pentagon just adds weight to Russian decision not to talk to people who lost all remnants of honor and are, in fact, main facilitators, together with State Department and intel organizations of the wholesale crimes against humanity and war crimes in Donbass and Ukraine as a whole. Russians didn't negotiate anything with Nazis in 1945, they merely presented them with articles of unconditional surrender. 

Russians do not negotiate or communicate with those who view it normal to use civilians as human shield and develop bioweapons, including confirmed mass cases of testing them on humans. Kirby quips:

At a March 30 press briefing, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby admitted there had been “no conversations to speak to” with the Russian military, but professed a “willingness to have those discussions,” after a reporter asked whether Washington had been “in touch” with Russia’s military leadership.  “But it's a two-way street. The Russians have to be willing to pick up the phone and thus far they have not been willing to do that,” Kirby added. 

That's the key, Russians are not willing anymore. If they, in Pentagon, don't understand the reasons and morality behind Russian military not willing to communicate, they better start learning Russian military history of the 20th century and I mean the real one, not BS by Beavor, Ziemke, Pipes and this kind of "historians". If not, there is nothing to talk about, Russians do not use civilians as human shield. Everything else will be answered at War Crimes tribunal tentatively set to start in June, in Crimea. The United States made its choice, so did Pentagon, the rest is history. I warned about it long time ago, US military stained itself completely by supporting Neo-Nazis. 

Here is my talking head today:

Many in the US forgot Decatur's famous words amended by Senator Carl Shurz in the mid-1800s, especially second half of the legendary expression. 

 “My country, right or wrong — if right, to be kept right, if wrong, to be set right.”

At present, there is nobody who can set the United States right. That is why Russians are not talking anymore. This is just a theory.

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