Friday, April 8, 2022

It Explains It.

I mean the desperation with which VSU and especially Neo-Nazis tried to evacuate "someone" from Mariupol by means of losing (I lost count) a number of helis, which were shot down. As Russian MoD officially states: 

"Продолжается совместная операция группировки войск Донецкой Народной Республики и подразделений российских вооруженных сил по полному освобождению города Мариуполь. Результаты радиоперехватов показывают, что кроме нацистов из батальона "Азов" и остатков украинских вооруженных сил, в оккупированных районах города находится значительное количество иностранных наемников. Радиопереговоры, кроме украинского и русского, ведутся еще на шести, в основном европейских, иностранных языках", - сказал Конашенков.

Translation:  The joint operation of the troops of the Donetsk People's Republic and units of the Russian armed forces continues to completely liberate the city of Mariupol. The results of radio intercepts show that in addition to the Nazis from the Azov battalion and the remnants of the Ukrainian armed forces, a significant number of foreign mercenaries are located in the occupied areas of the city. Radio communications, in addition to Ukrainian and Russian, are conducted in six more, mainly European, foreign languages," Konashenkov said.

So, in this case it is safe to assume that not only those mercenaries will be treated "properly", but those who survive will be paraded at war crimes tribunal and then will, if they are lucky and not transferred to LDNR for further execution for war crimes, be sent to sunny Siberia or Mordovia for the attitude adjustment in the high security resorts, after which they may wish they have been killed in Mariupol. 

In related news, yet another unit of VSU marines surrendered and good for them, they will live. 

Per bestiality in Kramatorsk, and VSU's launch of Tochka U at civilians--this type of the activity will continue, because this is the only way the Western handlers of regime in Kiev know how to fight the war--by mostly killing defenseless people and then blaming it on somebody else. The pattern is recognizable and it will continue for obvious reasons that Russia is "losing" and was supposed to run out of everything couple of weeks ago, right? That's what glorious British media and their "experts" told us. Will the US use tactical nuke on Kiev? Do not put this pass neocons and their enablers from the US MSM. 

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