Monday, April 25, 2022

Here Is Russia's Investigative Committee's Video...

 ... of yet another darling of the West, who, when he learned about the married couple from Mariupol being taken prisoners by VSU, got drunk, went into the cellar where the couple was held and started, threatening with his handgun, to rape the wife in a front of her husband. When husband "expressed objections" this courageous ukie killed him.

This is not an exception, this is typical of large segments of VSU and, of course, Nazis. I think US Department of Education should seriously consider introducing the study of these "defenders of democracy" into curricula of history and civics as great examples of personal sacrifice for liberty and against totalitarianism. I am positive many Western universities humanities programs already use these shining examples, like this guy, of human courage and selflessness in their political science and journalism programs because how else would we have gotten such people as Rachel Maddow or late Madeleine Albright and terrorist admirers Lindsey Graham and  his late buddy John McCain. 

Nah, I am screwing with you. The flow of psychopaths into the Western "elites" was reaching its peak right around 1980s and today the combined West lives in a completely distorted reality, especially so in moral terms. Just ask 500,000 Iraqi children how it feels. Now per these Putin's remarks:

In Putin’s opinion, the West has since changed its goal. “… As they realise that this is impossible, they try to achieve a different objective instead – to split Russian society, to destroy Russia from within. But here, too, there is a hitch; this hasn’t worked either,” Putin said. In his opinion, Russian society “has shown maturity, solidarity,” and supports its armed forces and the efforts “to ensure Russia’s ultimate security and help the people living of Donbass.” After a ‘fiasco’ in the media field, Putin claimed, the West has turned “to terror, to arranging the murder of our journalists.” He was referring to Monday’s announcement by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) that it had detained a group of “neo-Nazis” instructed by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to kill popular Russian TV host and journalist Vladimir Solovyov. Kiev has denied any role in organizing the assassination attempt. “In this regard, it should be noted of course that we know the names of all the Western handlers, of all members of Western services, primarily the CIA, who are working with Ukrainian security agencies. Apparently, they are giving them such advice,” the Russian leader said.

The attempts at assassination is what I was talking about yesterday--sleeper cells or "insertions" in Russia from 404. Sabotage and terrorist acts will continue inside Russia, albeit FSB obviously is working and does its job. This is an act of desperation and those are now not just diversionary acts, those begin flow into a pure terrorism, which is CIA's and MI-6's and their poodles specialty. The whole (love) affair with ISIS or murdering General Soleimani while on diplomatic mission--are just small fragments of a much larger picture of a metaphysical problem with continental warfare for Anglo-American world in the 20th century. It got lucky once in WW II, after that its performance was rather dubious and today it is a pure terrorism. Terrorism is a weapon of weak. It is an axiom, not even a theorem.

Plus, in case with Russian journalists it is a continuation of a total delusion and alternative reality combined West resides in when it comes to Russia. They still believe that they can "regime change" in Russia if only they could kill n-amount of Russian media figures and their families and clear the road to "forces of democracy", fifth column that is. Read more Solzhenitsyn and Russian anti-Soviet dissidents, that will ensure that you know shit about Russia and will continue to fail in every subversion endeavor in Russia. 

Bernhard of MoA gives a good write up on the significance of Russia basically cutting 404 in two in terms of rail lines of communications, which, as he puts it:

All the diapers, weapons and munitions the U.S. and other countries supply to Ukraine will now mostly be stuck in west Ukraine where they will rot until some clever Ukrainian oligarch manages to sell them off to some third country. The fall out from the railway attacks will also hit civilian supplies in Ukraine. It will hinder civilian passenger traffic especially for people who have fled towards the west and now have less transport available to return home. Since the war started Russia has intentionally avoided to hit civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Electricity and communication networks as well as water supplies have all stayed intact. (In recent U.S. wars those were the first things it destroyed.) The attacks on the Ukrainian railway became only necessary after the U.S. and others provided more and more war materials to the Ukraine. Russia will not allow its troops to come under fire from those newly delivered weapons.

As I am also on record, not only the supply channel was largely choked but whatever may trickle into the combat zone of surrounded VSU grouping in Donbass will be annihilated by whatever means necessary. That is why primarily Western military porn addicts with life experiences and education in wargaming and Hollywood ejaculate each time when some Western military toy (the masturbation object du jour is M-777 howitzer) gets shipped to 404 and expectations of this toy ensuring ukie victory run high, this is until dubious effectiveness of the NATO weapons gets exposed, and the masturbation cycles starts anew with expected results. As I said, having no serious military background and basic tools of critical thinking is not good for facing the reality. 

But all this is just a background of a larger drama:

You see, here is a conundrum for dimwits in D.C. Russia is not Libya, which was demolished the moment Qaddafi hinted at gold for oil payment system. Even Lord Austin is somewhat underwhelming in his new objective:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says the US aim is to make Russia so weak it can’t invade another country again. 

Well, that is really underwhelming. Honestly and I do not want to elaborate now on the sheer delusion of this statement, but truth is--the only thing combined West can do is to continue with terrorist and diversionary acts on Russian territory because any kind of military confrontation with Russia means a serious rearranging of the stones in Western capitals and losses no NATO nation, especially the United States, has any historic experience with. Well, with the exception of Germany. Some people in D.C. do understand it. So, the resource-Ruble is here and Gold Ruble is next. As The Doors sang: "This is the end". Everything else develops from this point. 

Like this.

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