Thursday, December 23, 2021

No Way, This Cannot Be True.

I am being facetious, of course. Real economy, not some BS manipulations with finances, has a tendency to bite in the ass in the most inopportune times. 

Brussels, 22 December - The energy-intensive industries call upon EU leaders to swiftly address the exponential increase in energy prices. Today’s period of unbearably high energy prices in Europe is already undermining the structural measures designed to secure affordable low-carbon energy, which is required to meet the objectives of the EU Green Deal. The energy price crisis has hit most of the European countries. In recent months the energy priceshave increased 4 to 5 times, reaching even higher levels over the last days. In parallel, carbon prices have tripled since the beginning of the year. The main reasons for this situation are the financial market speculation from financial players including hedge funds and commodity trading houses, the imbalances in the gas market, seasonally decreased renewable energy production, reduced nuclear energy production, coal mine closures and increased carbon costs passed on in electricity prices. It has consequently forced numerous industrial energy consumers to curtail and/or temporarily close plants.

Well, some tankers with LNG from the US and Qatar did make a dent in gas prices for Europe but that is merely a band-aid on the gaping wound of the "market-driven" pricing of gas in Europe and this roller-coaster will continue. Now, per "Green Deal", that's another main driver behind this catastrophe and it is a good illustration of what happens when the economy is being run by political "science" majors and lawyers. In related news, Europe's "energy transition" is a catastrophe and a wet dream which cannot be implemented, which is obvious to any person with a half-brain and basic understanding of physics. But, there is one way for EU for this "energy transition" and it is de-industrialization which is ongoing as I type it, and eventual turning of EU in primarily service economy with increasing inflation and a good market for the US to dump its energy and products with which Europeans are already unable to compete under present situation. 

I warned for years that Europe is America's lunch and let me tell you--I don't blame the US, everybody wants to live. You--die today, for me to live another day and die tomorrow. It is a cold hard fact of life in global capitalism and, considering the "quality" of EU "elites", those people would rather lick Greta's boots and destroy lives and businesses than taking care of their population. Europe wanted it, EU was and is bureaucratic radically anti-democratic, non-electable structure, so EU now must "eat the cake" it baked. If Europeans, as is traditional in history will decide to look for (final) "solutions" in the East, Europe will be destroyed and will never recover again. I think this is a "secret" (LOL, it is obvious to anyone) desire of no less stupid American "elites" to repeat America's post-WW II renaissance. The problem with them, of course, is the fact that they do not understand that this is not 1945 and Russia can provide for the US real war experiences, but then again--try to explain to Ivy League political "science" majors what is targeting and what are new technologies and operational concepts which are beyond American warfare experiences. 

So, here we are today: Europe begins to feel consequences and I see no redeeming signs that Europeans, who also voted for people complicit in the most bizarre anti-scientific, logic-defying PR stunts, will awaken until it will be too late and the Europe will freeze literally and figuratively. This is how civilizations commit suicide. That is why Russia speaks in broadsides. 

Western media and their people are a joke.

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